Killerspin JET 800 Reviews In 2022 (Speed N1 Table Tennis Paddle)

Killerspin Jet 800 Review in 2022

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 When it comes to table tennis, Killerspin is one of the leading brands that you should never miss.

Especially, if you are a player with more of an aggressive style, we recommend getting yourself some Killerspin’s paddles; their quality material promises you a massive capacity of spins with enough control and feel.

Killerspin offers many models of ping-pong table and table tennis equipment, namely paddles as our main concern in this article.

There are many paddle choices from this brand that cater for various playing styles, yet the “protagonist” of our review today will be the Jet 800 Speed N1.

Killerspin Jet 800

Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1’s Main Components and Highlights

Dual Carbon Technology

The current dual carbon technology innovation is being led by various well-known manufacturers, specifically table tennis ones, and Killerspin is one of them. With this feature, it is easy to see why Killerspin Jet 800 is listed in the top among other ladders on the market.

The 5 layers of the wood and 2 layers of carbon are combined to produce the blade. This reduces the weight while hardening and strengthening the blade. Aside from creating an additional force for high-pitch strokes, the carbon code widens the “sweet spot” for strong and fast loops as well as absorbs the force from your opponent’s hit and returning it accordingly. Killerspin Jet 800 is made to last, the well-formulated carbon gives enough stiffness and consistency throughout the paddles. It eliminates unwanted vibration from the expected recoil while giving efficient additional power to the blade.

As a member of the Killerspin Jet series, Killerspin Jet 800 maintains significant restrain and structure. With the carbon layers permeated into more layers of wood, this Killerspin serves strong and controlled bounce, which is something aggressive players will appreciate for implementing their playing style. Again, efficient restrain and feel remains.

High-quality Nitrx Rubber

A Killerspin indeed comes with a “killer” rubber- the high-quality Nitrx-4Z rubber. This high-tension, ITTF-approved rubber improves strength, providing great spins and powerful strikes.

The strong and polished rubber board, with its great sponges underneath, gives an easier approach to abnormal speed and rotation with great defence advantage. You can confidently and steadily hit the ping-pong ball away even from a relatively long distance.

Nitrx-4Z’s outermost surface promises effective ball grip that gives you the upper hand at high-rotation strikes and returned strikes simultaneously. Additionally, skeptically conscious players may enjoy this rubber which can get gummy at any possible time.

If you serve a game with defensive attacks, this quality rubber and the dual-carbon blades from Killerspin Jet 800 are your best friends.


Wooden Side Tape Technology

The main uniqueness of the Killerspin Jet 800 is the wooden side tape technology, an innovative design that none of its other opponents on the market is capable of achieving. It is not only fashionable but also helpful for the protection of inner blade components.

Wooden side tape prevents peeling that is usually encountered with the use of regular side tape. Additionally, distinguishable from the mainstream side tape, wooden side tape does not require maintenance nor replacement.

Also, it adds a stylish touch to the overall design of the paddle. The side tape might not be noticeable if you don’t look close enough because its wooden material looks the same as the wood blade, creating a unique and classy overall wood look.

Generously Flared Handle

A powerful racket needs an equally powerful handle, and Killerspin Jet 800 comes with just the one. Don’t hesitate to move up and down the handle to determine your perfect spot. It is structured to give you great comfort yet with an exceptionally secure grip, whatever the size of your hand is.

The flared design will give you a steady ergonomic hold while eliminating slipperiness even if the game gets intense.

As powerful yet comfortable as it might be, if you are a beginner wanting to get the Killerspin Jet 800, it can be a bit overreaching. The strength this paddle produces depends largely on how much adaptability is implemented. Especially for formulated carbon like what composes this racket, it will take a decent amount of time to organize. Yet, once you learn to master it, only great performance remains.

On a more detail note, it may require more effort and cleaner reaction to execute a move that would normally be uncalled for. This is because control over the paddle may decrease as power increases.


  • Innovatively leading dual carbon technology
  • Blade made from carbon fiber and 7-ply wood
  • ITTF-approved, premium Nitrx-4Z rubber
  • Stylish yet effective wooden side tape
  • Spacious flared handle for different hand sizes
  • In-boxed memories book for your personal notes
  • Backed by a warranty of 30 days


  • May be considered a bit pricier for some people
  • The rubber might come off after a while because the glue doesn’t last very long
  • Takes time to master the powerful paddle, so it might not be suitable for newbies



Compared to other paddles in the Killspin Jet series, the Killerspin Jet 800 N1 is arguably the best one you can get. It is a high-end pre-made paddle with wonderful features for average and advance players. Especially, if you are a player with a more aggressive playing style, who has yet to find a suitable paddle, this paddle might be your perfect fit.

The blade is made of innovative materials, dual carbon technology infused in a seven-layer wooden body. It keeps the racket light while providing intense and fast shots. This comes with the premium Nitrx-4Z, creating a powerhouse for this paddle. With Killerspin Jet 800, high-rotation, sharp, and abnormally fast strikes will be much easier to access. It is your best friend for effective hits and counter-hits against your opponents.

These amazing features explain the likes of two famous Killerspin’s sponsored players, US National Champion Ilija Lupulesku and Olympic Champion Chen Qi, for the Killerspin Jet 800 N1.

In the end, this is a great choice if you want an upgrade for your table tennis game when you have already passed the beginning period. Despite being a bit hard to control at first, it promises you exceptional performance that will surely boost your skills.


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