List Of Funny Fantasy Basketball Names In 2022

List Of Funny Fantasy Basketball Names In 2022

Fantasy basketball is a game where you assemble your own team of NBA players. The players are drafted, and points are scored based on how well they perform in their real-world games. Fictional names can be given to the players in order to spice up the fantasy experience. This list of funny fantasy basketball names features some silly monikers that will make for an enjoyable draft season! 

Funny Fantasy Basketball Names


The list below includes funny fantasy basketball team names related to movies and TV shows. Did you find a name that matches your taste??

  1. Team Forrest Gump
  2. The No Country for Old Men
  3. The Dark Knight Returns
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. The Silence of the Lambs
  6. The Wolf of Wall Street
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. True Detective
  9. House of Cards
  10. Orange is the New Black
  11. Entourage
  12. Silicon Valley
  13. Archer
  14. Arrested Development
  15. Friday Night Lights
  16. Veep
  17. The Office
  18. 30 Rock
  19. Shameless
  20. Boardwalk Empire
  21. South Park
  22. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  23. The Simpsons
  24.  Family Guy
  25. Louie
  26. King of the Hill
  27. Bob’s Burgers
  28. The Walking Dead
  29. Game of Thrones
  30. Breaking Bad

Fantasy basketball team names don’t have to be serious all the time. If you want a light-hearted, fun team name then these should work for you. Scott Fujita has listed some great movie and TV-inspired names that will surely make your opponents laugh. Now it’s time for you to choose one!

  1. Forrest Gump – This classic film is a great inspiration for a fantasy basketball team name. After all, who wouldn’t want to be as quick as Forrest from the movie?
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street – This Martin Scorcese film about a young stockbroker Jordan Belfort has a character who is very hungry and determined to eat up the competition, just like a wolf would do!
  3. Louie – Louis CK’s self-titled show is all about his life as a comedian and divorced dad. If you have a fantasy basketball team with teammates named Louie, Mike, Dave, etc., you know what to expect!
  4. South Park – How many other fantasy basketball players are there around the world named Cartman or Kenny? No one…that’s how many!
  5. King of the Hill – Hank Hill is the self-proclaimed ruler of his neighborhood in this animated show. His team name can be “Team Hank” or maybe “Team Boomhauer.”
  6. Breaking Bad – This popular AMC series about an underachieving chemistry teacher who decides to start cooking meth while working at a car wash can inspire your fantasy basketball team name too! Call your squad Team Walter, Team Jesse, etc. after characters from the TV show!
  7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The gang from Paddy’s Pub are always doing ridiculous things that will crack you up if you haven’t seen it yet! You could call your squad “The Gang” or other variations on their names which would produce some interesting results!
  8. Family Guy – Another animated show, Family Guy is an irreverent take on the American family. If you have players named Peter, Lois, Chris, etc., your fantasy basketball team name will be unforgettable!
  9. Friday Night Lights – The TV series about a small town high school football team and community during game days can inspire all sorts of names for your squad! You’ve got Coach Taylor, Tami Taylor, Smash Williams, Matt Saracen – just to name a few – that can inspire some good superlatives like Best QB Ever or Most Athletic To Ever Do It! Simply pick the best character from the show and use it as your squad’s namesake!
  10. Arrested Development – Like Fox’s other great sitcom, this show about a rich family going through some major problems can inspire plenty of funny fantasy basketball team names for your squad. You’ve got Buster (he’s such a big man!), Tobias (he’ll be blue – you know why), George Michael (teenage son of the wealthy Bluth family) and many more which makes naming your squad after one of those characters easy as pie!
  11. Entourage – If you watched this HBO series or movie about four friends and their manager and his life in Hollywood, picking a fantasy basketball team name like “The Boys” or maybe “Magnum P.I.,” would make sense!
  12. The Simpsons – Everyone knows Homer, Marge Bart and Lisa, and Maggie. These quintessential American characters make for a great fantasy basketball team name!
  13. Game of Thrones – This wildly popular HBO series about rival houses vying for control of the Iron Throne has spawned dozens of great names for your squad. You could go with House Stark (Winter is Coming!), Lannister (Hear Me Roar), Targaryen (Fire and Blood), Baratheon (Ours is the Fury) or any other great name from the show!
  14. Dexter – The title character of this Showtime TV series is a Miami-based blood spatter analyst who also happens to be a vigilante serial killer. If you want a dark and deadly team name, Dexter should do the trick!
  15. Mad Men – This AMC drama about the men and women behind the scenes in 1960s New York City advertising agencies can inspire plenty of unique fantasy basketball team names. You could go with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Drapers, Peggy Olson & Co., or maybe Ginsberg 5!
  16. Boardwalk Empire – Set during Atlantic City’s Prohibition-era bootlegging days, this HBO series is perfect for picking a dark sounding name to call your squad! Try out Nucky Thompson, Chalky White, The Commodore, Angela Darmody – there are many other characters you could use which will get the attention of every other manager playing against you!
  17. Weeds – If you’re looking for something naughty that starts with an “N,” pick this Showtime series about a suburban mom who becomes a pot dealer to keep her family afloat. You could call your squad the Neds (Hey! That’s another name for weed!) or Nancy Botwin & Co. after the main character!
  18. Entourage (again) – Maybe you’re more of an Entourage fan than Game of Thrones? If that’s the case, you can opt for some different character names like Drama (he plays Vince’s older brother on the show), Turtle (he drives around in luxury cars), E or Vinnie Chase – they all work great as fantasy basketball team names!
  19. Girls – This HBO comedy-drama TV series follows four young women living in New York City trying to “make it” in their respective careers while also juggling their personal lives. Since the show’s title is Girls, you can use that as your squad’s moniker!
  20. True Blood – This HBO TV series about vampires trying to blend into modern society should inspire some great fantasy basketball team names – Bon Temps Clips sounds great, doesn’t it? You could refer to your squad as The True Bloods or maybe even Fang Gang!
  21. House of Cards – If you prefer political drama over blood spatter analysis and pot dealer moms, this Netflix original about a Congressman who will stop at nothing to get into power might be for you. After all, if Frank Underwood wants something done, he’ll do it himself which makes for a great team name – Underwoods, anyone?
  22. Arrested Development – This classic and much-loved Fox TV series about a wealthy but dysfunctional family is perfect for naming your fantasy basketball squad. You could go with the Bluths (featuring patriarch George Bluth Sr., his son George Michael, daughter Maeby and wife Lucille), the Busters (made up of Lindsay Bluth Fünke, Tobias Fünke, Steve Holt! and G.O.B.), or any other wacky character names from the show!


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of America’s favorite pastimes. It has an audience that spans the entire country, with fans in every state and city. The NBA provides a great opportunity for people to engage in fantasy sports through the use of online leagues or by simply making their own team names up. With so many different teams and players to choose from, there are endless possibilities when it comes to naming your own basketball team. These are our favorites… 

  1. Golden State Warriors – Dubs
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers – Wine and Gold
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder – OKC
  4. San Antonio Spurs – Silver and Black
  5. Chicago Bulls – Red Stars
  6. Miami Heat – The Heatles (a play off the Beatles)
  7. Boston Celtics – Green Machine
  8. Los Angeles Lakers – Purple and Gold
  9. New York Knicks – Orange and Blue
  10. Philadelphia 76ers – The Process (a play off the movie “The Warriors”)
  11. Phoenix Suns – The Orange Crew
  12. Orlando Magic – Showtime!
  13. Milwaukee Bucks- White Bucks
  14. Minnesota Timberwolves – Timberpups
  15. Atlanta Hawks – The Feathery Falcons
  16. Portland Trail Blazers – Rip City
  17. Detroit Pistons – Motor City Bad Boys
  18. Washington Wizards – Curly Fries (a play off alliteration)
  19. Denver Nuggets- Nugget Town USA
  20. Charlotte Hornets- Buzz City
  21. New Orleans Pelicans- The Big Easy
  22. Houston Rockets – Red Hot Rookies
  23. Memphis Grizzlies – Grind City
  24. Los Angeles Clippers- Lob City
  25. Sacramento Kings – The Hive
  26. Brooklyn Nets – The Nets Are Moving To Brooklyn! (credit to Josh Homme)
  27. Indiana Pacers- Blue Collar Bois (credit to Andrew Stetka)
  28. Utah Jazz – Runnin’ With Scissors (credit to Ernie Abbott)
  29. New Orleans Pelicans- The Big Easy (another one!)
  30. San Antonio Spurs – Silver and Black (a third one.)
  31. Portland Trail Blazers – Rip City (a fourth one!)

Music-Inspired NBA Fantasy Team Names

One of the foremost things associated with basketball players is their love for music. Sometimes these musicians are actual basketball players (Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, etc.) or maybe even everyday people who later became NBA stars (Drake, Busta Rhymes). Either way, here are some great music-inspired team names for your fantasy squad…

  1. Jay Z and the Carter Five
  2. Drizzy Season
  3. Lil Wayne’s Burn Rubber on Me (So Cal)
  4. Drake’s Secret Handshakes
  5. Dr. Jekyll and J-Smoove
  6. A Tribe Called Quest Points
  7. Kobe and the West Coast Kids
  8. The Shaq Attack
  9. Run-DMC: Kings of the Court
  10. Tupac’s Thugs-N-Harmony
  11. Nasir Jones and the Infamous Egos
  12. JJ Reddick and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  13. Steve Urkel and the Winslow Celtics
  14. Klay Thompson’s One Night in Bangkok
  15. Damian Lillard and the Dame Dollas
  16. LeBron James’ Posse (or Band)
  17. Ginuwine Basketballs (credit to Ernie Abbott)
  18. Iverson’s Crossover (credit to Josh Homme)
  19. The Big Boi and the Second Coming
  20. 2 Chainz and the Twice as Nice

There are so many different team names to choose from when it comes to fantasy basketball, and that’s not even counting all of the hilarious possibilities when it comes to team names inspired by “Arrested Development.” So take your time, have some fun with it, and come up with a name that represents you and your squad perfectly! After all, your team’s name is an important part of representing your fantasy league to the world. Go out there and make a statement!


  1. Steph Curry’s Baby Mamas
  2. The Golden State Warriors: Flute Boys
  3. Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Society
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Greek Freak Show
  5. James Harden’s Sixth Man of the Year Award Ceremony
  6. Russell Westbrook’s Triple Double Watch
  7. Kawhi Leonard’s Silent Treatment
  8. Chris Paul’s CP3 Foundation
  9. Damian Lillard’s Dame Timeouts
  10. DeMar DeRozan’s Best Friends with Kyle Lowry
  11. LaMarcus Aldridge’s Failed Playoff Run Testicles
  12. Dirk Nowitzki: The German Sensation
  13. Kristaps Porzingis’ Unicorn Line
  14. Klay Thompson’s One Night in Bangkok
  15. Reggie Jackson is the Detroit L-I-T-C (credit to Andrew Stetka)
  16. LeBron James’ Posse (or Band)
  17. Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Society (a second one.)
  18. Shaquille O’Neal and His 30+ Year Olds-in-Law
  19. Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba Mentality
  20. Chris Bosh’s Paternity Orders
  21. Amar’e Stoudemire and His New York Knicks Dynasty of One (credit to Josh Homme)
  22. Michael Jordan and the Triangle Offense (credit to Andrew Stetka)
  23. Shaquille O’Neal Invents the Reverse Double Team
  24. Derek Fisher and The Fish Called Westbrook
  25. Steve Kerr’s Balls in Steph Curry’s Mouth (credit to Josh Homme!)  Other NBA Fantasy Team Names

We couldn’t put in all of the great team names that we came by, so here are some other great ones that didn’t make our list. Feel free to use them for your squad!


The NBA season is now underway, but the hype doesn’t stop with the start of regular play. While many fans are focused on which players will emerge as stars this year, others are already looking ahead to next year’s fantasy draft. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some popular names for your consideration. 

Usually, people will make puns with the names of their favorite stars. To make your decision easier, I’ve curated the top 20 fantasy drafts and compiled a list of the best fantasy basketball team names along with them.

#20. “King James” – LeBron James

#19. Kevin Durantula – Kevin Durant

#18. Wishful Thinking – Kobe Bryant (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#17. King of the North(west) – Kevin Love (credit to Josh Homme)

#16. Monstar Musings- Dwight Howard (credit to Andrew Stetka)

##15. The Big Zingy – Zaza Pachulia

##14, The Gahden Show With Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Society – Kyrie Irving (credit to Andrew Stetka)

##13. The Oracle of O – Stephen Curry (credit to Josh Homme)

##12, Iverson’s Crossover and the Philadelphia 76 Passes – Allen Iverson (credit to Ernie Abbott)

##11. All Hail D-Rose, the Savior is Here! – Derrick Rose (credit to Josh Homme)

##10. Klay World – Klay Thompson (credit to Andrew Stetka)

##9. Demarcus Cousins not playing by his own rules… for now – DeMarcus Cousins (credit to Andrew Stetka) 

##8. Russell Westbrook’s Triple Double Watch – Russell Westbrook (credit to Josh Homme)

##7. The Process – Joel Embiid (credit to Josh Homme)

##6. King James and His Court – LeBron James (credit to Ernie Abbott)

##5. Rookies! Welcome To the NBA – Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown (credit to Andrew Stetka)

##4. Steph Curry’s Baby Mamas – Stephen Curry

##3. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Greek Freak Show – Giannis Antetokounmpo

##2. Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Society – Kyrie Irving (credit to Andrew Stetka)

And the number one fantasy basketball name for next year is…

##1. James Harden’s Sixth Man of the Year Award Ceremony – James Harden (credit to Josh Homme)

One of the great things about fantasy basketball is that you can use your imagination to come up with funny team names. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at some of the best team names from this year’s NBA season.

The Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA this year, setting a new record for the most wins in a season. Led by Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the “Splash Brothers” were one of the highlights of the season. As a result, they have inspired some great fantasy team names.

Here are a few of our favorites:

#1. Splash Bros. – Steph Curry and Klay Thompson

#2. The Klay-den Warriors – Klay Thompson

#3. Dub Nation – Golden State Warriors

Creative Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Have you ever created a fantasy basketball team and had trouble coming up with a good name? Well, look no further. This blog post will provide you with some creative and funny names to choose from. So grab your fantasy basketball roster and get started!!

The following list of names will give you some ideas to use if you are having trouble coming up with a name for your fantasy team. We have compiled the top 20 fantasy basketball rosters along with their corresponding names. The

There are a variety of ways that you can create your own fantasy basketball team name. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of these creative and funny team names:

#20. The Golden State Warriors – Golden State Warriors (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#19. JB Bickerstaff’s Bullsh*t Machine – James Harden (credit to Josh Homme)

#18. #YoungKingJames – LeBron James (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#17, The Andre Drummond Show – Andre Drummond (credit to Josh Homme)

#16, C-Webb’s Fresh New Tracks – Chris Webber (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#15. The Beard Show – James Harden (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#14. Look Out Below, Here Come the Timberwolves! – Karl-Anthony Towns and Zach Lavine (credit to Josh Homme)

#13. The Point Klayman – Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#12. Reaching for Rings with Kobe Bryant’s Farewell Tour Team – Kobe Bryant

(credit to Josh Homme)

#11. Jimmy Butler and His One True Love – Jimmy Butler (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#10. The Hood is Back – Gordon Hayward (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#9, Death Row D-Rose – Derrick Rose (credit to Josh Homme)

#8. You Can Call Him Al – Blake Griffin (credit to Josh Homme)

#7, The Westbrook Hammers – Russell Westbrook (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#6. Come Fly with Me… away from the Lakers bench! – Kobe Bryant (credit to Josh Homme)

#5. Ugh, Why are They Still Employed? Let’s Fire Them All! – Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#4. The Process – Joel Embiid (credit to Josh Homme)

#3. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Greek Freak Show – Giannis Antetokounmpo

#2. Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Society – Kyrie Irving (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#1. James Harden’s Sixth Man of the Year Award Ceremony – James Harden (credit to Josh Homme)

Fantasy basketball team names can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to choose one that accurately represents your team. If you’re looking for a creative and funny name, take a look at some of these suggestions. The list may give you some ideas to use if you are struggling to come up with a good name for your team.


It’s that time of year again when fantasy basketball leagues are being created and everyone is trying to come up with the most clever, funny, or unique league name possible. However, before you go ahead and choose a name for your league, you should make sure that it doesn’t cross the line into inappropriate territory. Here are a few tips on how to create a league name that is appropriate and fun.

The list below summarizes some fantasy basketball team names that we consider unsuitable for this year’s fantasy tournament contenders.

Wake and Blake – Blake Griffin (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#20. The Golden State Warriors – Golden State Warriors (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#19. JB Bickerstaff’s Bullies – J.B. Bickerstaff (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#18. The Washington Generals – Washington Wizards (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#17. Steph Curry’s Baby Mamas – Stephen Curry (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#16. Iman Shumpert and the Knicks City Dancers – Iman Shumpert, Knicks City Dancers (credit to Josh Homme)

#15. Klay Thompson’s Thighs of Fury – Klay Thompson, thigh muscles (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#14. Tim Duncan’s Retirement Home – San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#13. Rajon Rondo’s Sex Dungeon – Sacramento Kings, Rajon Rondo (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#12. Jeff Teague’s Pointless Pursuit of Paul George – Indiana Pacers, Jeff Teague, Paul George

#11. Pau Gasol’s Spanish Inquisition – San Antonio Spurs, Pau Gasol (credit to Josh Homme)

#10. Derrick Rose’s MVP Awards Banquet – Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#9. Orlando Magic: The Team That Shall Not be Named – Orlando Magic (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#8. Miami Heatles – Miami Heat (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#7. Boston Celtics: The B team – Boston Celtics (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#6. Brooklyn Nets: The Other Team in New York – Brooklyn Nets (credit to Ernie Abbott)

#5. The Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Lakers (credit to Andrew Stetka)

#4. Kevin Durant’s Second Place Trophy Collection – Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant

#3. Golden State Warriors: The Unbeatable Force – Golden State Warriors (credit to Josh Homme)

#2. Cleveland Cavaliers: King James and His Court – Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James

#1. San Antonio Spurs: The Dynasty Continues – San Antonio Spurs (credit to Josh Homme)

The point guard is the most important player on the court when it comes to basketball. He is responsible for making sure that the offense runs smoothly, and he also needs to be able to score when necessary. If you are looking for a point guard for your fantasy basketball team, take a look at some of the top players in the league.

NBA fantasy basketball has become a big hit, and now fans can play their favorite sport for money. If you want to be the commissioner of your own league, you need to take some time to plan out important aspects such as creating teams, picking players, and setting up a season schedule.

If you are looking for some interesting team names or ideas on how to name your league this year, we have put together a list that will give you plenty of options. Whether you like funny team names or unique ones, we have it all. Keep reading if you would like help finding the perfect title for your 2016-2017 NBA fantasy basketball league.

Don’t forget that there is also an option to choose two captains in most contests . These are usually players that will act as the team’s leaders. They have veto power over trades and during the draft, they can pick their own teams. You should avoid making your players captains unless you feel they know a lot about fantasy basketball and will be able to lead their team in a great direction.

If you live in an area where there isn’t a local NBA league going on, at least you’ll have one more place to compete with friends or family members. So make sure you get started ASAP before it’s too late!

One of the most popular ways for people to play is through a public league with a group of friends or even strangers from around the world. It’s completely free to sign up and start a public league. However, the only way you can win is from voting for your favorite players and positions . This format is perfect if you want to learn more about the NBA or if you don’t have enough people in your group who are interested in fantasy basketball.

If this is your first time joining a fantasy basketball site, then we suggest going ahead and creating a free account now before it’s too late! There are plenty of different ways that you can play including head-to-head matchups, private leagues with friends, or even through a public league with strangers. You will find that each site has its own benefits and drawbacks so be sure to compare them to one another before making a final decision on where to join.

Once you have found a team, it is time to fill your roster. There will be 24 starting spots on average so there will be plenty of competition as everyone around the world has their eyes set on landing a great player or two! You can either use an existing site or create your own league with friends and family members.

If you happen to join through our website, we also offer a free mobile app that you can download onto your smartphone right now! This way, you’ll always have the latest news and information about fantasy basketball with you at all times!


Hopefully, our list can help you find the right fantasy basketball team name. There are still plenty of other interesting options out there, but the names on the list all have special meanings and charming puns. If you can’t find the perfect name on this list, feel free to be more creative. After all, it’s your league and you should have the final say on what’s being called.

Good luck and enjoy the latest season of the NBA!

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