[TOP 12] Best Youth Football Helmets Reviews In 2022

12 Best Youth Football Helmets Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you seeking for the Best Youth Football Helmets for yourself? Look no further! You may check out our list for more information.

It goes without saying that a football helmet is the integral part when it comes to how to best protect a football player. This protective gear protects the brain from being injured and other kinds of damage throughout the game. As a result, finding the best youth football helmet is one of the most important tasks when starting to play the game. This article focuses on top youth football helmets that you can take into consideration before making a decision on buying the most suitable helmet for yourself.

Top 12 Youth Football Helmets for 2022

 1. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet is undoubtedly made for those who seek the optimal comfort and protection. With its TPU outer skin, the player can easily recognize how pleasant it is when wearing the helmet. Even when you are strongly hit, the outer skin still gives him the feeling as if it is a pillow.

Although the helmet does not have a facemask, the majority of facemasks on the market can go well with it. Therefore, if you are looking for a helmet for your child, simply consider which position your child plays and then, you can find the suitable facemask within some clicks.

In addition to the incredible softness, the helmet comes in many colors and is sold at a very competitive price. Moreover, its lifespan is also worth mentioning. For those who seek seriousness and would love to boost their performance, this helmet is obviously an ideal option.


  • Very lightweight
  • TPU outer skin for the ultimate protection
  • Affordable
  • A wide range of colors on offer


  • Facemask is not included


2. Riddell Victor Youth Helmet

As a football fan, you may know Riddell very well. The company is reputed for designing some top helmets that are currently best purchased by professional players. While the Riddell Victor Youth Helmet looks rather basic, it is durable and can help you much when it comes to head protection.

Despite the fact that the Victor Youth Helmet is not as lightweight as the helmet mentioned earlier, the foam inside guarantees to absorb all impacts, if any, when the head is hit. Moreover, since the helmet is equipped with a facemask, you can save some money. It also comes in many color options, which is very convenient for the buyers to find their right one.

The only disadvantage of this helmet is the price. While the previous option is quite affordable, this helmet is rather costly. Nevertheless, its varied sizes and ultimate comfort are worth considering. The product is perfect for professionals who would like to improve their performance.


  • Soft foam designed inside
  • Very fit
  • Chinstrap is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Has long durability


  • Rather costly

3. Schutt Sports Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

Another helmet from the brand Schutt is worth mentioning here is Sports Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet. With its hybrid TPU, it guarantees to absorb heavy impacts, if any, when the head is hit. Besides, D30 cushioning is designed to absorb the shock sustained.

Like Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet, this helmet does not come with a facemask, yet the line for the facemask is designed for DNA facemasks of Schutt. The special thing about these facemasks is that the players can adjust them, meaning that they will feel more comfortable during the game. Moreover, the jaw pad is interlinked, allowing the wearer to adjust much flexibly.

If your child is at the intermediate level, then Schutt Sports Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet is the ideal choice for him or her. Lacking some features such as the facemask does not mean the helmet should be overlooked. On the contrary, it has all customization features that you may need for a youth helmet.


  • TPU construction of good durability
  • D30 cushioning helps absorb shocks
  • Facemask attachment is adjustable
  • Affordable priced


  • Comes with no facemask

 4. Schutt Sports Youth FB Recruit Hybrid Plus Helmet

For young football players, it is of importance that they find the helmet that can offer the maximum protection. The optimal level of protection is also the key feature of Sports Youth FB Recruit Hybrid Plus Helmet by Schutt. Simply wear the helmet, you can see how comfortable and protective it is. Besides, its lightweightness is another great point for your consideration.

Thanks to the TPU outer skin of the helmet, even if you are hit, you will find it extremely comfortable. The part is just like a pillow while the inner quickly absorbs and removes the moisture. D30 cushioning also has the better shocking-absorbing properties.

The helmet has a special faceguard that can be adjusted according to your facemask. The air cushions offer extra protection for your head, which is a remarkable benefit. High quality and affordable price are two other good points about the helmet.


  • Very lightweight
  • TPU outer skin ensures good protection
  • Affordable price for
  • Cushions can absorb shocks


  • It is slightly hard to choose the right size

5. Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet

Among popular youth football helmets on the market is Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet. With its shell design that is quite similar to the design for professional players, the helmet ensures durability and strength, which also means long lifespan.

The helmet can be adjusted to different sizes, which is a significant advantage. It is possible thanks to a rear inflation port that can be used for adjustment. What is more, the structure of the helmet ensures that users can be securely fitted.

With the heat exchange technology and the special fit liner, the product can enhance its fit. Stainless steel is the main material to make this product, meaning it is a highly durable product. The material is also advantageous when it comes to the water-proof feature. Another beneficial material is ABS which is used on the shell in order to resist impact on the head. Finally, the helmet guarantees to provide the players with comfort during the game with its special design.

The only downside is that the helmet does not come with a face mask, which means you have to buy it yourself.


  • Has a similar shell to professional players’, offering durability and strength
  • Can be adjusted to different sizes
  • Has a customizable fit liner
  • Offers comfort during the game
  • Effective impact resistance


  • A face mask is not included

6. Schutt Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Schutt seems to be the brand for youth football helmets when many of their outstanding products are listed in this article. Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet comes with a superbly comfortable interior, which is why it should not be overlooked when choosing a football helmet for your child.

Thanks to its DNA jaw pads built in the product, wearers can enjoy the ultimate comfort regardless how much time they intend to spend on the field. Not only do these jaw pads give wearers the comfort but they are also very durable as they are made of vinyl material.

There is a space between your head and the shell of the helmet, meaning you have sufficient room to move and breathe. Moreover, a snug fit of the helmet is another advantage. It offers the optimal protection while aiding security throughout the game. The product comes in different sizes and colors, so choosing the right one can be an interesting experience.

The only downside of the product is that it does not come with a faceguard, which means you have to buy it yourself.


  • Surface coverage within the helmet is increased
  • Guarantees the ultimate comfort no matter how long you would like to play
  • Is constructed with jaw pads made of vinyl material, bringing durability and comfort
  • Is equipped with a snug fit
  • Guarantees protection and support


  • The product does not come with a faceguard

7. Schutt 798004 Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

Like many other Schutt helmets, 798004 Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet is another wonderful choice for youth players. The helmet guarantees a high level of protection. It also offers comfort during the game thanks to the TPU in the helmet.

The helmet can absorb shock very well thanks to its large shell which is solid, physically strong and thick, hence its capability to absorb impact. It can go well with a faceguard from the same brand that is not included in the product. The special faceguard can provide better protection for the player. Like other Schutt youth football helmets, the product is equipped with D30 cushioning and TPU, which means the helmet can offer the optimal protection.

With the help of SUREFIT airliner built in, the helmet can give you the right fit and complete comfort. Even when you are hit, the feeling of a pillow is what you receive. Besides, there is a patented twist release system and a soft cup chin strap which is specifically designed for young players.

The only disadvantage of this helmet is, like other Schutt helmets, it has no face guard.


  • Guarantees a high level of protection
  • Provides a shell that is large, physically strong and thick, guaranteeing impact absorption
  • Offers a fit that is comfortable
  • Has SUREFIT airliner which provides you with the feeling of a pillow
  • Equipped with a soft cup chin strap


  • Comes with no face mask

8. Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet is one of the most famous helmets for kids with its durable construction, ensuring that children will be much excited about it. There are plenty of flex features that enable you to adjust the helmet to get the best fit. The air cushioning built in guarantees the impact will be greatly reduced. This product is perfect for those who need to make or take many tackles.

While the weight is something people usually consider in terms of Riddell products, it should be stated that the technology included in the product is really worth the value. Moreover, it is rather quick for the players to adapt to the weight of the helmet.

The expensive price is the only drawback when it comes to the decision on looking for the most affordable products on the market. However, since the product is designed for professionals with so many advanced features, this is a real good investment.


  • Offers a professional look
  • The construction is durable
  • High level of shock absorption
  • Flexible in terms of different positions


  •  Rather costly

9. Schutt FB Vengeance A3 Plus Youth Football Helmet

Another Schutt product that should be listed in this article is FB Vengeance A3 Plus Youth Football Helmet. With the aid of its TPU, the product guarantees the optimal durability. The helmet comes with a sleek shell which is rather lightweight compared to the original shell of Schutt Vengeance.

Since the helmet is lightweight, it is easy to handle, especially once you start the game. Now you can move around without having any trouble and even find your performance improved. Thanks to the black interlink jaw pads attached, the helmet can stay in place during the game, which is a beneficial point.

The helmet has a nice fit due to the jaw pads and the SUREFIT airliners that can be found at the sides and back of the crown. Also, the product is believed to help you avoid experiencing neck strain. Not only is it equipped with necessary features including the twist release bumper, the rear and nose bumper, the product also comes in many colors for your choice.

The only downside of the product is the padding integrated that seemingly lacks durability.


  • Provides you with a durable and sleek shell
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Interlink jaw pads for a nice fit
  • Guarantees lower possibility of neck strain
  • Comes in many color options


The padding lacks durability

10.  Schutt Sports Vengeance A3+ Youth Football Helmet

While Schutt Youth Football Helmets are generally designed for beginners, Sports Vengeance A3+ Youth Football Helmet is specially constructed for older players with some advanced features. With its TPU outer shell, the helmet can give you the optimal durability and high level of impact absorption.

Thanks to its raised brow design, some impacts can be deflected. Moreover, SUREFIT Technology guarantees wearers can have the best fit and customized. Its structure is ideal for many face guards available on the market. Therefore, even when it does not come with a face guard, you can easily find a suitable face mask for the helmet.

Although the product aims to attract older players, the price is not as high as Riddell’s helmets, which means you can still enjoy advanced features without spending a huge sum of money. Therefore, if you have to encounter tougher games, the product is just perfect for you.


  • Direct shots on the helmet can be deflected
  • Comfortable and customized fit
  • Good value
  • Can go with many faceguards on the market


No significant drawback

11.  Schutt Youth DNA Pro + Football Helmet

For beginners, Schutt Youth DNA Pro+ Football Helmet is such a perfect option. Thanks to its TPU cushioning, the product is believed to bring the optimal protection and additional foam. During hot days, the product is a real investment when it easily wicks away moisture quickly.

With the aid of Air-Loc Technology, none of the air will escape throughout the game. Moreover, since the interface is wider, the helmet enables you to observe what is going on the field, which is especially effective when you run with the ball. In such a situation, you can have a better vision.

While the product is equipped with so many spectacular features as mentioned, the price is surprisingly affordable. Like many other Schutt helmets, the product does not come with a faceguard, which can easily be solved by a DNA facemask available in many stores.


  • Good value
  • Sleek design
  • No deflection
  • Provides you with a wide field of vision


  • Replacement parts can be hard to find

12. Schutt AiR XP Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

The last product in the list is Schutt AiR XP Hybrid Youth Football Helmet. This product is believed to provide you with the best protection while the design is rather small, meaning it fits you perfectly. Its small size is truly good for young players.

One special thing about the product is its chin straps which are constructed with very high quality. These chin straps provide you with the best security, so you do not have to worry about falling down. The helmet is also lightweight, so the players can maintain their speed during the game. The inner cushioning integrated in the helmet also offers consistent protection regardless of the temperature.

With its SUREFIT liner, the helmet can provide good ventilation. The liner also contributes to the lightweightness of the helmet and ensures your helmet fits well without losing airflow. Therefore, do not worry if you cannot stay cool during the game. The only downside of the product is the small size of the helmet, which means older children may not find it suitable for them.


  • Has a perfect fit and good protection
  • Comes with high-quality chin straps
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Good ventilation
  • Maintain sufficient airflow


May not be the proper choice for adult players

Some factors that you should take into account when looking for a Youth Football Helmet

The helmet’s durability

Since hits during the game are usually hard, the level of durability of the outer shell plays the crucial part in determining the level of the helmet. Besides, football is the sport for head-to-head collisions, which means the force and impact can be extremely strong. If the helmet lacks durability, it is unlikely you can stand strong and continue the game once being hit.

The ability to handle its intended purpose

It is recommended that you check the NOCSAE seal in the helmet before making a decision on buying the product since this seal ensures the product can be used for both youth and professional helmets. The seal can be found at the back of the helmet. Remember that despite the price of the product, it is likely that the helmet cannot perform well due to the lack of the NOCSAE seal.

Size and fit

Ask your trainer what is the size for your helmet prior to buying one. It is also advised that you should examine the sizing chart of the product to choose the right size. Besides, the helmet should fit well. You should try the product on after considering the measurements.By doing so, you can choose the right helmet for you.


It is highly recommended that you check the level of comfort of the helmet. Some helmets need padding to guarantee the optimal protection, so you examine the cushioning carefully when you fit it. Remember to customize the cushion to see if it fits your head’s density and shape.


The weight of a helmet is just as important as its fit because it determines the comfort you can enjoy on the field. You should not choose a heavy helmet since it can cause stress when being carried. Instead, choose a lightweight one so that you can feel comfortable during the game and avoid feeling fatigued.

Inner padding

Do not forget to check the padding built in the helmet. In addition to providing protection, the inner padding is believed to bring comfort. The part should also be abrasion-resistance.


Visor offers a new element of protection into the helmet, which is why you should not overlook it when considering a suitable helmet for yourself. Thanks to a good visor, your eyes are fully protected. It is also beneficial as you can play as freely as you wish without feeling afraid that your eyes are damaged.


Despite the fact that top youth football helmets are rather costly, buying a qualified one is a good investment in your game since it can ensure best protection for users. Remember football is a high-impact sport, so keeping yourself safe should be prioritized when gauging and making a decision on purchasing a football helmet.

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