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10 Best Youth Football Cleats Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you looking for the Best Youth Football Cleats, Best Youth Football Cleat in 2022? If yes, you have come to the right place which you can discover the full reviews, tips, and guides. W are here to help you to understand in a better way.

Youth Football cleats are extremely important not only for the level of protection it can offer but also for the performance boost for youth football players on the field.

That being said, customers can easily get confused amid thousands of choices available on the market when looking for a good pair of Best Youth Football Cleat for themselves. Understanding this difficulty, we have gathered one of the best products to recommend with you in this article. Have a look and consider them before making any purchase:

Youth Football Cleats

Let’s Check out the Reviews of best youth football cleats with screens below:

Top 10 Best Youth Football Cleats Reviewed in 2022

1. NIKE Vapor Shark 2 Youth Football Cleats

These pair of youth football cleats from Nike will surely impress you with its design and ability to deal with any issues you can have on the football field.

Wearers of these cleats can significantly benefit from its lightweight fit and performance boost thanks to the material of synthetic leather, and the Phylon midsole also provides better comfort and cushioning. The fact that the cleats’ rubber sole utilizes the fast-flex technology also enhances their speed and traction, and the sole full-length design also allows your feet to be well cushioned throughout the game.

In addition to the high-traction configuration, these cleats also come in a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can easily find a pair that suits your taste or your team uniform. You will also find the pair comfortable to wear thanks to its breathable fabric. However, linemen, many find this pair a bit lacking in terms of ankle support.


  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Great feet cushioning for better performance and protection
  • Great traction
  • Available in many colors


  • Lacking in terms of ankle support for linemen


2. Under Armour Big Boys Highlight RM Junior Football Cleats

With the Under Armour Big Boys Highlight RM Junior Youth Football Cleats, your superb on-field performance is surely guaranteed.

The lightweight material adopted in this pair of cleats makes them extra comfortable, and the cleats’ ability to base their form on your feet means that your muscles and joints are also supported. Also, the cleats are highly flexible, and their eye-row cutout also makes it easier for you to put on.

Besides, the die-cut EVA material used in the making of these cleats make it both stable and comfortable, and the rubber molded outsole provides excellent traction on any surfaces. Its 3D-molded tongue, 4D footbed foam, and heel cup also allow the pair to mold itself to your ankle, offering the highest level of comfort and support. However, it might be a bit difficult to lace the cleats up properly.


  • Highly comfortable and lightweight
  • Supportive by contouring and molding your feet and ankle
  • Highly flexible
  • Available with good traction on various surfaces


  • Might be difficult to lace up properly


3. Adidas Adizero 7.0 Football Cleats

Yet another impressive pair of cleats from Adidas boasts a lightweight synthetic leather construction that promotes a high level of comfort and speed.

Besides, wearers can also enjoy excellent traction and stability thanks to these rubberized cleats. Its outer shell also makes the product abrasion- and weather-resistant. Thanks to this, these easy-to-clean leather cleats can be more durable and long-lasting.

What’s more, the laces can be quickly tightened for a better fit. However, the ankle support might be a bit lacking.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Low-profile and easily managed design
  • Highly stable
  • Available with excellent traction on the field
  • Capable of resisting abrasion and the harsh weather


  • Insufficient cleat support


4. Under Armour C1N MC Junior Football Cleats

This excellent product from Under Armour is ideal for those looking for a reliable pair of youth football cleats thanks to the lightweight and secure fit it offers.

To begin with, wearing these cleats, you can enjoy a customizable fit brought about by the molded synthetic upper carefully wrapping your whole feet area and the foot-forming footbed incorporated. The cleats are also guaranteed to provide excellent traction regardless of the type of surface you use them on, and the open-holed mesh construction also heightens the cleats’ breathability.

Another plus point is that young linemen will surely love the superior high-ankle protection and sleek design of these cleats features. One drawback, though, is that this product only comes in three color options, but this is easily outweighed by the benefits it brings about.


  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Good ventilation
  • Compatibility with any surfaces
  • Lightweight and precise fit
  • Customizable and comfortable


  • Limited color range


5. NIKE Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

Football players can surely benefit from the traction and sturdy support these cleats provide with its rubber tread and synthetic upper, which are among the most impressive features that this pair of cleats boasts.

You can quickly accelerate and move around on the field without worrying about accidentally slipping thanks to the right grip brought about by the cleats’ outsole studs. Besides, its Phylon midsole also offers lightweight cushioning, making it more comfortable for you to wear and move when combined with the brand’s fast flex technology.

Besides, the cleats also come with side-to-side stability and a unique design that resembles shark teeth and a metallic finish, making the cleats both a functional and fashionable choice. However, those with wide feet may find the product a bit narrow.


  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Available with the right amount of traction and grip
  • Promoting natural movements
  • Stylish and great looking
  • Side-to-side stability guaranteed


  • Not ideal for those with wide feet


6. Under Armour Kids’ Highlight RM Junior Football Cleats

This product from Under Armour is impressively light. However, its textile collar and synthetic upper still maintain rigid support for the wearers, making it one of the best products you could find on the market today.

To begin with, the external TPU ankle cage contributes significantly to the cleats’ stability. The pair is also well-ventilated thanks to the open-holed mesh tongue incorporated in it, and the die-cut EVA sock liner also makes it more comfortable and flexible on your feet.

Besides, you can also benefit from the product’s aggressive traction and grip regardless of any surfaces, which is made possible by its rubber molded youth football cleats. However, just like our previous pick, people with wide feet may find this product a bit too narrow for them.


  • Rigid support offered to its users
  • The ultimate solution to stability
  • Decent levels of ventilation and comfort
  • High flexibility
  • Compatibility with various surfaces


  • A bit narrow for those with wide feet


7. Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Junior Football Cleats

This pair of cleats from Under Armour is ideal for youth football players to use in both practice and official games.

Wearing these cleats, youth players can find the amount of stability and support they need thanks to their engineered synthetic upper, and the traditional lace-up front of the pair also allows a better fit that can be easily adjusted.

Besides, it is also easy to put on and remove the pair thanks to the pull-on tab at the rear, and the cleats are also extra comfortable to wear thanks to the padded collar and tongue. Besides, the die-cut EVA footbed also makes the braces more comfortable and durable while maintaining a constant level of traction. However, players with wide feet will also find this pair quite narrow for them to wear.


  • Stable, lightweight and supportive
  • Adjustable and secure fit
  • Easy to wear on or off
  • Available with a padded collar and tongue


  • A bit narrow for those with wide feet


8. Adidas Originals Freak Mid MD Junior Football Cleats

These youth football cleats from Adidas should also be taken into account due to the synthetic upper they feature, which makes them both lightweight and durable.

Besides, the molded EVA insole also offers superb cushioning, and the excellent traction facilitated by the molded and cleated outsole is also a significant plus point. Besides, the anatomically molded cleats are also amazingly comfortable on your feet, and its abrasion-resistant property also maximizes the level of security and protection you direly need on the football field.

With the many advantages this product features, it surely is an excellent choice despite its limited color range.


  • Locked-in and lightweight fit
  • Superb cushioning
  • Excellent traction guaranteed
  • Easy acceleration on various surfaces
  • Abrasion resistance


  • Slightly limited color options


9. Nike Alpha Shark Football Cleats

The Alpha Shark men youth football cleats are another impressive product from Nike.

To begin with, the highly dynamic fit system incorporated in this pair of cleats is beneficial for players who wish to enhance their on-field speed and performance; and the fantastic padding it features also makes it perfectly comfortable to wear for long periods.

Like many other products of similar types from Nike, this pair of cleats also features fast flex technology for better traction, which is further enhanced by the 12-cleat configuration incorporated in the outsole. However, like many of our top picks, this pair of cleats may be a bit narrow for those with wide feet.


  • Dynamic fit system
  • Incredible lockdown on the field
  • Snug and supportive fit
  • Highly responsive and comfortable
  • Maximum support, acceleration, and traction


  • Slightly narrow, especially for those with wide feet


10. ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Football Cleats

Our last recommendation is the ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Youth Football Cleats, which features excellent ultra-soft leather material for superior comfort.

Besides, the updated fabric knit and high-top collar also offers reliable performance and a secure fit for the wearers. Besides, its high-quality materials also allow players to move and control the ball quickly regardless of the surface. The cushioning and well-molded design also makes the cleats more comfortable to wear.

Despite some potential sizing issues, this pair of cleats remains an excellent choice thanks to the locked-in fit and secure grip it offers with its heel lining.


  • Ultra-soft leather for better comfort
  • Reliable on-field performance
  • Secure and well-supported fit
  • Compatible with any surfaces


  • Occasional sizing issues


Criteria to consider before purchasing

No matter what products you are considering, take a look at the following criteria for a better insight before making your decision:

1. Materials

Try looking for a pair of cleats that are both lightweight and water-resistant as this will make your pair more durable and long-lasting. The most common materials include TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, Pebax®, PORON® Urethane, or EVA.

2. Size and fit

This is indeed an important criterion as it will directly affect your performance on the field. Wearing something too big means accidental slipping is inevitable, while wearing something too small may restrict your movements and result in lower performance.

3. Stability and support

Another important factor to consider is stability and support. Since you need to stand or run constantly throughout the game, a stable pair of cleats will make it easier for you to stay focused without having to worry about your feet’s safety.

4. Traction

This is an important consideration. Without reliable traction, it is very dangerous for you to move around, especially on wet or slippery surfaces, which can directly affect your performance at defining moments in the game.


In conclusion, choosing a proper pair of youth football cleats for your next game is not an easy task, but it surely is easier with the recommendations we have made for you in this article. Once you have made your decision, do not hesitate to leave a comment and share your choice with us!

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