[TOP 10] Best Soccer Ball Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides in 2022

10 Best Soccer Ball Reviews, Tips & Guides

Soccer has long been an exciting and physically challenging sport. There is nothing more interesting than seeing a ball flying through the air and two teams trying to defend their goal. In the old days, leather balls were used in soccer matches. The balls were kind of heavy and made matches much slower than today’s ones. As time goes by, the design of balls has been improved to make soccer matches more spectacular. Balls play a critical role in soccer matches. They can define the quality of matches and the excitement of both players and fans as well.

After spending several hours of research on dozens of soccer balls, we have picked out a list of the 10 best soccer balls and a buying guide for you. These balls are rated based on some features such as air retention, rebound, durability, and usability. At the end of the article, there are some frequently asked questions so that those who still have doubt about buying the best soccer balls can find the answers for themselves and make the final decision.

Best Soccer Ball

[TOP 10] Best Soccer Ball Reviews in 2020 to buy [Must-Read]

1. SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball Review

Bladder: Latex
Cover: PU laminated with neoprene foam
Panel: Hand-stitched 32 panel

Features at a Glance:

  • Both official match and practice sessions can use this best soccer ball.
  • Thanks to the Select’s premium zero-wing latex bladder, the bounce and response are better boosted.
  • The durability and good aerodynamics are significantly enhanced due to Quality 32 hand-stitched panel and golf structured PU panel.
  • It is possible to write the players’ names on the ball.
  • The Select Numero 10’ latex bladder can hold the air for a long period.
  • It is easy to kick the ball faster and farther without much force.
  • Despite low light conditions, it is easy to notice the ball.
  • Suitable on both grass and turf.
  • Cost-effective
  • NFHS, NCAA, IMS approved
  • There are multiple colors to choose

Things to remember:

  • It is difficult to find the inflation hole.
  • This best soccer ball is quite light.
  • It is not recommended for concrete playing ground.

Detailed review:

SELECT is a well-known and reputed Danish brand, which was founded in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen. Because it has a long history of making soccer balls, the brand totally understands how to make a high-quality ball.

Amazing flight in the air is a strong point of this best soccer ball. The texture on the ball makes it easy to control and juggle. The air retention can hold the air for about a month or so thanks to the ball’s latex bladder. No issue at all. Moreover, you will be amazed by the soft and responsive feeling this best soccer ball offers.

Select Numero 10 is the best soccer ball that will meet all your requirements and demand for both official match and practice sessions.


2. Adidas Telstar 18 – The World Cup 2018 FIFA Approved Official Match Ball

Bladder: Butyl
Cover: Synthetic leather
Panel: 6 panels – Thermally bonded

Features at a Glance:

  • The control and grip are ensured with the 3D texture panel.
  • TSBE technology helps to reduce water uptake.
  • Butyl bladder makes the air retention longer.
  • Thanks to 6 thermally-bonded panels, the maximum and equal weight can be distributed throughout the ball after kicking, which enhances this best soccer ball’s consistency through the air.
  • The bounce is excellent.
  • Compared to the Brazuca 2.0, it is more durable, faster, and more stable.
  • FIFA tested and approved.
  • This is the best soccer ball for its quality.

Things to remember:

  • NFC chip is mostly for promotional purposes from Adidas.
  • Over long distance kick, this ball travels a bit lesser than Brazuca 2.0.

Detailed review:

Telstar balls, which had 32 black-and-white panels, were first used in the 1970 World Cup. This Telstar 18 with 6 black-and-white panels is another exceptional production from Adidas. You can buy the top replique, glider, and mini version for this best soccer ball, although the quality and performance will not be the same.

The 2010 World Cup ball Jabulani’s inconsistent behavior through the air was criticized by the player and the 2014 World Cup ball Brazuca solved this problem. After a drop test on Jabulani, Brazuca, and Telstar 18, the Telstar the winner in terms of its curve, rebounding, and consistency for the long shots.

One disadvantage of this best soccer ball is that it travels a bit less over long-distance kick than the Brazuca 2.0. Although the colors are not fancy, the feeling of grip and control will amaze its players.


3. Adidas MLS Top Glider – Our Best Pick in Practice Ball Category

Bladder: Butyl
Cover: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Panel: Machine stitched

Features at a Glance:

  • The durability is enhanced by the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover.
  • Soft feeling is offered by Internal nylon-wound carcass and machine-stitched construction.
  • The air retention is ensured to the maximum due to the Butyl rubber bladder.
  • There are 3 sizes available: size 5, size 4, and size 3.

Things to remember:

  • It is most suitable for practicing and training. If you use this ball for recreational play, the performance and durability will not be the same.
  • It is not recommended to play on concrete or beach.

Detailed review:

Adidas MLS Top Glider is the best soccer ball. Firstly, it is super-comfortable during the kick or head. The ball is not too hard nor too soft.

This best soccer ball provides players with its durability, water resistance, and soft feeling thanks to the combination of machine-stitched construction, nylon wound carcass, and TPU. In terms of durability and water resistance, you will find this best soccer ball still perform perfectly after a few weeks of play. It is worry-free about air retention due to the butyl rubber bladder.

Three available sizes for this ball are offered to you (size 5, size 4, and size 3). During the buying process, please notice the size to choose the best soccer ball for you.


4. Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball – Best Smart Soccer Ball

Bladder: Butyl
Cover: Polyurethane(PU)
Panel: Thermally bonded

Features at a Glance:

  • Bluetooth sensor is suspended inside to examine the power, spin, trajectory, and strike point of your kick.
  • It is possible to track the flight path of each kick.
  • The durability, softness, and air retention are ensured because of butyl bladder and 32 seamless panel (which means thermally-bonded panels with PU cover).
  • Charger base and AC power plug are included.

Things to remember:

  • High price.

Detailed review:

Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball is the best soccer ball due to the technologies that are implemented inside it. With the Bluetooth sensor, the power, spin, trajectory, and strike point of the kick will be recorded. Afterwards, you will receive instant feedback. Tracking the flight path of your kick is also possible.

A sensor package installed inside the ball will collect and send information to your iOS or Android app via Bluetooth. The app is compatible with iOS version 7 or higher, Android version 4.3 or higher, and Windows 10. Besides, tips will also be provided so that you can improve your performance.

The thermal-bonded 32 panels, PU cover, and butyl bladder help to enhance durability and air retention.

The battery is rechargeable. One charge is sufficient for up to 2000 kicks per week. The battery is full with only one-hour charge. When you buy this best soccer ball, a charging base and AC power plug will be included.

Although this is the best soccer ball for training and practicing due to its advanced technology installed inside the ball, it is a very expensive option due to the purpose and usability.


5. Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS

Bladder: Butyl
Cover: Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU)
Panel: Thermally bonded

Features at a Glance:

  • Players will be amazed by its good trajectory, less water uptake, and better touch thanks to the thermally-bonded seamless panels.
  • The ball is durable and soft thanks to the Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU).
  • The air retention is longer because of the butyl rubber bladder.
  • 3 available sizes: size 5, size 4, and size 3.
  • FIFA inspected and passed.
  • NFHS approved.

Things to remember:

  • It is not suitable to play on concrete.
  • It is a little bit heavier than standard training balls.
  • If you choose the wrong size, you will have to return the purchase, which is rather inconvenient

Detailed review:

There are several reasons that make the Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS the best soccer ball. First of all, the panels are thermally bonded, so there is no stitching. For a free-kick, it performs a decent and predictable trajectory. This ball plays an important role in helping you do a successful knuckle shot.

The kick and the head are very comfortable because the panels are attached seamlessly. The control of the ball will not disappoint you. This best soccer ball’s control and feel bear some similarity to match balls.

Water-resistance and longer air retention are also provided due to the thermally-bonded panels. The reason is that the air has less space to go out of the ball. The butyl rubber bladder also boosts air retention. Please choose the right size when you buy this ball because there are 3 sizes (size 5, size 4, and size 3).

To sum up, good control, less water absorption, predictable trajectory, comfortable feeling, durability, and a longer period of air retention make this the best soccer ball.


6. Wilson traditional soccer ball

Colour: White/Black

Material: Composite

Brand: Wilson

Item Weight: 12.8 ounces

Features at a Glance:

  • Synthetic leather casing is very durable.
  • White and black panel design is classic.
  • Longer period of air retention
  • This best soccer ball is suitable for not only recreational use but also skills practice.

Things to remember:

  • It should be inflated to level 810 PSI.

Detailed review:

Although this Wilson traditional soccer ball is not as high-grade as an Adidas Telstar, it is cost-effective with the price of under 10$. Have you ever noticed that most balls around this price are too heavy or have too much loft? This means you will have a little difficulty when facing a match ball. The amazing thing about this best soccer ball is that it provides you with a match ball feel at a lower price. Moreover, it is more durable, long-lasting, and suitable to play every day.

Because it is a recreational ball, you can play it on any surface. In addition, if you accidentally lose it, you can easily replace it because the price is affordable. The combination of the synthetic leather and the butyl bladder ensures a longer period of air retention. Its shape will be retained in different temperatures and conditions.

It is not definitely the best soccer ball that money can buy but it is the best one for the price under 10$. If you are looking for a great budget option, this ball is the best choice for you.


7. Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer ball

Brand: Adidas

Model: Adidas-S1506LSB013GLID-Parent

Item Weight: 1 pound

Features at a Glance:

  • The leather casing is not only robust but also durable.
  • The manufacturer uses machines to stitch TPU cover.
  • Soft touch and responsive play are ensured by rubber bladder.
  • It is suitable for skills practice and developing younger players.
  • A range of colorful designs are available.

Things to remember:

  • It does not last as long as hand-stitched balls
  • The size is not the same as a match ball.

Detailed review:

Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer ball is the best soccer ball for any MLS fan. To satisfy diehard fans’ needs of being the same as MLS favourite players, Adidas offers you this best soccer ball. This ball is ideal to improve skills and suitable for any player whether you are an MLS fan or not. The most amazing fact about this ball is that it is an absolute steal to get an Adidas match replica ball for less than 20$.

Emulating much more expensive balls, Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer ball gives you a soft touch feel as regards its performance. This helps you not to change your style too much when you are facing a match ball in a big game. The combination of the TPU outer shell, machine-stitched construction, and nylon lining makes this ball the most durable and robust one considering the price range. The butyl bladder helps to retain the air and keep the ball’s shape for a longer period of time.

It is certain that Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer ball does not last as long as a hand-stitched or bonded soccer ball. Although the manufacturer offers consumers all sizes, the sizes are not regulation size. For instance, size 5 is much more like a 4.5. Be careful when you are choosing the best soccer ball for yourself.


8. Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

Colour: Hi-Viz Yellow/Silver

Material: Composite

Brand: Under Armour

Item Weight: 1 Pound

Features at a Glance:

  • The leather casing is durable and robust
  • The longevity is ensured by a machine-stitched TPU cover.
  • The rubber bladder offers soft touch and responsive play.
  • It is suitable for younger players to develop skills and practice techniques.
  • Offers an authentic rebound.

Things to remember:

  • It is not suitable to play on a rough surface.

Detailed review:

Although Under Armour is a traditional brand for soccer balls, there is no reason the Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball could not be the best soccer ball.

First of all, the rebound of the ball is the most authentic compared to others around this price. This helps young players to easily get the feel for the direction the ball will move in different situations. For young players who want to improve their skills and technique and turn professional in the future, this best soccer ball is a perfect option. For this reason, this is the best ball for developing youth players.

Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball’s authentic feel and impressive movement can be attributed to 3 factors: its polyurethane cover, its high-rebound rubber bladder, and its SBR foam layer inside. However, this ball is only ideal for playing outdoors. This ball does not perform well on indoor surfaces. Besides, it is not tough and robust enough to sustain street football. In fact, the way the ball performs could be altered right away if it has the slightest abrasion by a rough surface.

All in all, this best soccer ball is a perfect choice for you to practice skills and techniques to become a professional soccer player. However, you need to look after it if you want it to last.


9. American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

Brand: American Challenge

Features at a Glance:

  • There are five bright shiny color options available.
  • There are four size option for customers.
  • The hybrid bladder can retain the air for up to 4 weeks.
  • This best soccer ball is ideal to play on grass and soft surface.
  • This best soccer ball is suitable for personal use and kids training sessions.

Things to remember:

  • The ball is not as hard as an adult match ball.

Detailed review:

Although American Challenge is not the first brand that comes to your mind when you considering buying a soccer ball, some high-quality gear is made by this brand. Because they have experience in supplying equipment to much every soccer league, they know how to make quality soccer gear. American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball is their main export. This best soccer ball is recommended to play on grass and soft fields, but it is worry-free to play pretty much anywhere.

The traditional machine-stitched 32-paneled cover is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. Besides, a layer of polyester and a layer of cotton lining lies underneath this cover, which makes the ball durable. Although soccer balls with fewer panels are more water-resistant, the TPU material makes American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball suitable to play in the street. Because this material is abrasion-proof, the item will not get quite as scuffed up in the process.

There are 4 sizes for youth players to choose to develop their game. It performs excellently like a premium quality ball. The difference is that it is not as hard as an adult match ball. Another plus of the American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball is its bright shiny color. This helps kids to easily find them when they accidentally kick the ball in the bushes.


10. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Brand: Select

Model: 274150015

Weight: 1 pound

Features at a Glance:

  • Synthetic leather/polyurethane outer
  • The latex bladder is zero-wing
  • There are 8 color options
  • Size 4-5 available

Things to remember:

  • It may seem a little hard to play at first.

Detailed review:

If players want to have a real authentic experience, this ball is a fantastic option. This best soccer ball is NCAA and NFHS approved, meaning that this ball is suitable for college matches, inter-school competitions, and more. In this price range, it is hard to find a ball that is approved by these organizations. This is why Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball is an absolute steal.

Because of the thick, padded panels, it may seem like an old-school soccer ball. But, do not let that put you off. The FPUS 1500 synthetic leather and 1.5mm hand-sewn polyurethane outer shell make this ball last for longer. Another plus is that it comes with a two-year warranty. It may be a little to play at first, but it will soften after an hour or so of play. It does not swerve randomly in the air like a lot of modern balls. Because it is easy to predict the direction the ball moves, it is suitable for practicing skills and techniques. Lastly, the durability and the feel that this ball offers are like an expensive high-quality soccer ball, but the price is very affordable.


Buying guide – Soccer Ball Construction

1. Cover

The quality of the cover is responsible for the appearance, feel, softness, durability, and usability. It is obvious that the material for a street soccer ball is not as same as the one for an official soccer ball. Here are the three most popular materials which are used to make the cover of balls: Synthetic leather, Polyurethane (PU), and Poly Vinyl Carbonate (PVC).

  • Synthetic Leather:

Highest quality balls are made from this material because it will ensure a great feel, control, and softness. However, this material is not as durable and water-resistant as PVC or PU.

  • Polyurethane

As regards quality, polyurethane stands in second place between Synthetic leather and PVC. Due to its favorable feel and reliability, it is suitable for competitive matches. However, the PU-made balls may scuff and degenerate faster than the PVC-made counterparts do.

  • Poly Vinyl Carbonate

The durability is ensured by PVC because it is not easy to scuff like PU or synthetic leather. The disadvantage of this material is that it is less flexible than PU and synthetic leather, which means it is a little difficult to control. Because balls made of PVC are less expensive compared to ones made of PU or synthetic leather, PVC-made balls are ideal to practice.

2. Panels

Balls are made of several panels. FIFA official balls usually have 32 panels. There are also balls with 26, 18, 14, 8, or even 6 panels. The number of panels determines the control and movement through the air. If you want your ball to move faster and curve more through the air, you should choose the balls with fewer panels (from 6 to 26 panels). If you want to have more control and playability, more panels will fit you.

There are two ways to place the panels on the lining: stitching or gluing. Stitched balls are more durable than glued ones. Besides, hand-stitched balls are more durable than machine-stitched ones. Glued balls are less expensive, so they are ideal for practicing.

3. Bladder

The bladder is the heart of a ball. It contains air and gives the ball shape and movement. Butyl and Latex are the most popular types of the bladder.

  • Butyl:

Butyl bladders retain air for a longer period of time than latex bladders. However, they are less responsive than latex bladders. Butyl-bladder balls are usually cheaper than latex-bladder ones.

  • Latex:

Because of the softness and good feeling that latex bladders provide, they are used in high-quality balls. In terms of air retention, latex bladders are not as high-rated as butyl ones. But when it comes to response and bounce, latex bladders outrage butyl ones.

4. Soccer ball sizes:

There are many ball sizes based on age groups and different leagues.

  • Size 5 (circumference: 27-28 inches, weight: 14-16 ounces): Size 5 is suitable for adults aged over 12 years. Therefore, balls with this size are used in the major tournaments or league plays.
  • Size 4 (circumference: 25-26, weight: 12-13 ounces): Size 4 is ideal for children aged from 8-12 years old.
  • Size 3 (circumference: 23-24, weight: 11-12 ounces): Size 3 is suitable for children under the age of 8.
  • Size 2 (circumference: 20-22): children aged below 4 years can play with balls in this size.
  • Size 1: These balls are called mini or skill balls.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the price affect the quality of a ball?

The price range of a ball is normally from $20 to $150. The higher the price, the more control of the ball you get. The reason is that premium balls with high prices offer you a predictable trajectory of the balls. Not to mention, the shape of expensive balls will be kept for a longer period of time and these balls will absorb less water because of the high-grade materials.

It is certain that not everyone can afford a premium ball. If you are new players or amateurs, an average ball with a lower price will just be OK.

2. Does the construction have an effect upon the performance?

The answer is YES. The behavior of a soccer ball on the pitch mainly depends on the construction and the materials. There are some facts that you should concern if you want to get a new soccer ball: the material of cover and bladder, the number of panels, the way these panels are stitched. Some celebrated brands such as Adidas and Nike have successfully upgraded the design of their balls so that these balls provide you with true flight and spectacular performance on the pitch.


Final words

Finding the best soccer ball is undoubtedly important if you would like your kids to practice playing soccer. Once you get the right one, your kids can enhance their skills day by day and, who knows, become professional players in the future. Otherwise, choosing the wrong ball can lead to many negative effects, for example, injury. However, with so many best soccer balls available, it is not an easy task to find the right one.

With this list of the 10 best soccer balls, we hope you can make an educated and wise decision when choosing the best soccer ball for yourself according to your requirement. Remember to choose the right size because it may affect your experience of practicing. The construction of a ball is also important because it determines the feel, softness, and durability of the ball.

Why are soccer balls black and white? If you are seeking the answer to this question, do read this article to get it clear.

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