[TOP 10] Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints Reviews In 2022

10 Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for The Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints, read our reviews below to understand in the better way.

The thing about runners is that we usually encounter pains or injuries here and there from our regular exercises and shin splints have been one of the most common problems so far. So what is it? The term shin splints refer to a typical tibia stress syndrome or injuries causing an aching pain or throbbing ache in the back of our shin.

However, we ourselves tend to ignore this ache at first sight and subconsciously continue to endure the pain until we could not endure anymore and have to seek for the help of specialists without knowing that we actually could avoid it in the first place. Many may ask how. The answer is actually simple: gear yourself with a suitable pair of shoes from one of the best running shoes for shin splints. It is not coincident that they are called the best running shoes for shin splints because they are in fact designed and well made to make a huge difference. To save your time from searching, here are some of The Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints.

Although these shoes are classified as either men’s or women’s, your options are not restricted in only one category as long as you find the pairs that suit your preference. Also, every brand usually manufactures their best running shoes for shin splints product lines for both men and women, so if you are interested in the item design, it is always worth a click to find out more information and other options of best running shoes for shin splints.

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

[TOP 10] Running Shoes For Shin Splints Reviews

1. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost Running Shoe

Review: Ultraboost line is Adidas’ challenge to the new coming rivals in the running shoe industry since it has been one of the biggest leap forward in the footwear market and never missed a place in any record of the best running shoes for shin splints.

Adidas men’s Ultraboost running shoe is made for neutral runners, best used for street run and urban terrain because its aim is to reduce the components (17 pieces in total) and then optimize boost through a torsion spring across the shoe length. The Primeknit upper provides extra comfort for your foot as it functions like a custom sock to every individual. The heel counter is designed to lock your foot at the back of the shoe, and therefore connects it with the midsole and the upper to extend support as well as effectively return the energy in every stride. This construction shows how thorough Adidas has been with their products in the matter of being one of best running shoes for shin splints. The only down side which mostly relates to psychological fact according to some customers is the shoe’s lacing as only four holes are available on each side and it sometimes makes them feel like the shoes are not tight enough. Yet this design is greatly loved by many runners and no one finds any trouble with slipping in and out these shoes.

Takeaway: High-end design and compact shoes for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. It delivers the right comfort that you need with modern and fashionable look.


  • Appealing design and structure
  • Perfectly fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Easily slips in and out
  • Suitable for everyday wear


  • High price


2. Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe

Review: The best seller from Hoka One One’s best running shoes for shin splints is no doubt your perfect partner on the running way. It can handle anything your feet and legs have to deal with while exercising.

The shoe’s full length is cushioned with high quality EVA material effectively absorbing shock, reducing pressure for the heel and therefore bringing extreme comfort for runners. In addition, it is designed with breathable textile along with removable OrthoLite foam insole in order to keep the completely dry condition during various indoor and outdoor activities. Although it might not be as eye catching as other shoes in the sports shoe market, its excellent quality and design definitely have contributed to its position as one of the best running shoes for shin splints in the list.

Takeaway: Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe is ideal for both professional and amateur users due to its outstanding cushioning and breathable fabric. Many should benefit from its low heel-toe drop design that minimalizes risk of injury, and therefore it has been in the list of best running shoes for shin splints for years.


  • High quality materials
  • Efficient design for both short and long-distance running
  • Well-cushioned but still lightweight
  • Great fit and feel
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Not suitable for those with low arches and require extra stability


3. Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

Review: It is obviously one of the top selling shoes from Asics brand, especially in the category of best running shoes for shin splints. Yet the shoe itself keeps improving its reputation and gaining more and more popularity in this typical shoe line. The Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 shoe has widely proved that it can hold out against any wear and tear in the long run including off-road in rough terrains such as forests or grassy fields and still perform as the best running shoe for shin splits at the same time.

This shoe’s cushion is engineered with FlyteFoam at the front and the rear and FluidRide at the midsole to absorb the shock effectively and simultaneously provide enormous bounce back during all of your runs. This technology can make a great help for people suffering shin splints issue as it supports those who lack running technique and therefore accidently injure themselves. Therefore, it easily wins its place as one of the best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: The exceptionally lightweight FlyteFoam cushioning and FluidRide midsole technology is certainly the selling point of Asics Gel Nimbus 20 running shoe. Plus it is made  of durable and breathable mesh to ensure that it can endure tons of use.


  • Very good durability and breathability
  • Forefoot and rearfoot are well cushioned
  • Better transition by FluidRide
  • Lightweight


  • Wide feet may feel uncomfortable because of narrow forefoot


4. On Men’s Cloud Running Shoe

Review: The shoe is loved by millions of runners on the planet. It has high reputation for its comfort and lightweight, which are architected to serve active people on their daily walk or run. It is one of the most beloved shoes in the list of best running shoes for shin splints for a reason.

The shoe is well made with CloudTec Cushioning Technology and Zero Gravity EVA Foam in the outside, which absorbs shock from landing and simultaneously transforms it into next motions. On men’s cloud running shoes also stands out with their speed lacing system that is simple to slip in and out and helps the upper part adjust easily to ensure a perfect fit. As far as material is concerned, Cloud shoes are renowned for their premium breathable and soft-touch mesh to deliver stay-fresh comfort and thus allow them to perform excellently all day long. Some customers even describe wearing these shoes at work as walking on cloud the whole time and mostly refer them to one of the best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: High value shoe owing to super cushioning and lightweight features in the selection of best running shoes for shin splints. Its outstanding quality along with speed lacing system is favored by many as it provides a secure fit but still remains flexible during their ride.


  • Extremely cushioning and lightweight
  • Painless lacing type
  • High quality breathable textile lining
  • Very comfortable


  • Durability is not an advantage


5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

Review: This is generally a balanced shoe which promises a soft and stable feel right underfoot. Mizuno shoes are well known for their Mizuno U4ic cushion which is pretty responsive, lightweight and also the greatest shock attenuation which is the most important feature of the best running shoes for shin splints.

The Wave Inspire 14 running shoe’s midsole is designed with U4ic foam plus a U4icX Heel Wedge layer (an advanced version of U4ic foam) on top of it to reduce pressure on your landing and prevent possible excessive movement that may lead to shin splints or over pronation. Thus, Mizuno men’s Wave Inspire 14 running shoe can provide essential needs for vulnerable runners and become a popular choice in the list of the best running shoes for shin splints. Another highlight of this shoe is its incredibly airy upper made of breathable air mesh that generates perfect ventilation for your foot. Also do not forget the shoe’s roomy toe-box which is actually a catch for big feet since not many shoe makers can provide this feature. There is no doubt that Mizuno men’s Wave Inspire 14 running shoe is able to deliver stability and snug fit for your ride in various kinds of weather and deserved to be one of the best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: An exceptionally comfortable shoe, good for all purposes is what awaits you in this shoe. U4ic foam and Intercool technology are Mizuno’s valuable asset which provides incredible support and successfully keeps the moist at bay.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Comfortable and airy upper
  • Relatively wide toe-box
  • Has stability and responsiveness


  • The drop (12mm) could be a little too high


6. Brooks Glycerin 15 Men’s Running Shoe

Review: When it comes to cushioning in running shoes, Brooks Glycerin 15 men’s shoe is always a super star with its super soft cushioning midsole engineered by the brand’s prominent super DNA technology that will absolutely guarantees a supreme comfort and soft feeling underfoot. This is a required factor to combat accidental injuries from best running shoes for shin splints.

The shoe is renovated with a pioneering plush transition zone which supports every movement and delivers amazing softness and smoothness to your ride. Brooks secures its spot in the list of the best running shoes for shin splints by using 3D Fit Print technology for its shoe’s upper part for the sake of a plush feel with extreme flexibility surrounding your ankle on every step. The drop of this shoe is exactly 10 mm no more no less and totally ideal for anyone hunting for a moderate heel drop because other best running shoes for shin splints’ drops are either on the lower side or higher one. In terms of construction, airmesh is the main textile used and this kind of fabric is very popular in running shoe industry for its breathable and lightweight trait. With Brooks Glycerin 15 men’s shoe, you can always enjoy an effortless ride without worrying about sweat and ventilation under your feet.

Takeaway: A completely plush shoe with various advanced technologies from Brooks including super soft cushioning for midsole, plush fit for upper and smooth transition zone for optimized motion from heel to toe. The moderate 10 mm heel drop is in fact a bonus to this super comfy shoe that many claim it as one of the best running shoes for shin splints.


  • Extreme cushioning
  • Plush fit at the upper
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Moderate shoe drop
  • Lightweight


  • Shoe size may be a bit smaller than previous models.


7. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner

Review: The Merrell Vapor Glove 3 shoe prioritizes to minimize the look and maximize the performance. This shoe is chosen to be one of the best running shoes for shin splints especially those who are recovering from the injuries and decide to come back to the trails.

The shoe is engineered with very durable, stable rubber and slip resistant sole to deliver comfortability and confidence to your feet. Merrell chooses to design this shoe in barefoot shape with a locked down fit at the sole plus a zero drop so runners can truly experience a full contact with the ground while running. If you are looking for a well-cushioned product, this is absolutely not your answer. However, as a shin splint fighter, you may find this kind of shoe really reliable and supportive in its own way. Instead of cushioning your foot with tons of foam, the shoe without midsole cushion needs some transition time to absorb shock from the frontal and rear impact. So people who are not used to this kind of experience will be required sometime to adapt before discovering the real power of barefoot running especially on natural terrains. Merrell men’s vapor glove 3 trail runner is undoubtedly a perfect match to minimalists and environmentalists as it uses 0% animal products and pursuits the simplicity combining with powerful performance and therefore has been gaining more and more popularity among these best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: A novelty from the list of the best running shoes for shin splints as it resolves the shin splint issue whilst running by barefoot running style. The shoe is very light and comfortable, ideal for someone having broad feet and greatly fancied by its perfect fit and sock like feel.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Barefoot running experience
  • Spacious toe box
  • Flexible


  • Unsuitable for heavy or rocky trails


8. Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoe

Review: This shoe is absolutely a rising star in the run of the best running shoes for shin splints and over pronation. The Asics women’s Gel-Kayano 25 running shoe is seamlessly stable and comfortable for daily training as well as extremely helpful with pains and problems concerning excessive pronation.

It is constructed for a smooth and protective ride with Asics’ renowned FlyteFoam technology, which provides amazing cushioning and responsive bounce back from heel to toe whilst keeping its weight 55% less than the industry-standard EVA cushion. The rear foot and forefoot are engineered with gel technology cushioning to ensure shock attenuation for constant movements. With regard to the upper protection, the Gel-Kayano 25 has a jacquard mesh upper for snug fit and adaptation combining with no-sew underlays for extra protection without reducing its flexibility and so promises a drastic custom feel for every individual wearer. Those who struggle with shin splints will for sure benefit from this trainer’s integrated guidance line technology, which is applied on the crash pad to enhance gait efficiency and reduce the chance of ankle rotation and over pronation. That is why Asics women’s Gel-Kayano 25 running shoe is always selected by both amateurs and athletes when it comes to choosing the best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: This trainer is widely beloved by the look as much as the performance especially in the group of runners often dealing with pronation. The FlyteFoam technology is absolutely the highlight of Asics shoes that are famous for their lightweight and cushioning features. Now adding the new integrated guidance tech to their shoes is another leap forward to gain more supporters for their brand.


  • Exceptionally supportive for shin splints and knee pain
  • Well-cushioned
  • Very comfy
  • Appealing design
  • Snug fit


  • Due to its high drop (13 mm), the shoe is not ideal for flat feet


9. Saucony Men’s Guide ISO Running Shoe

Review: No longer satisfied with being the leading brand for stability running over the past 10 years, Saucony is now raising the bar by applying ISOFIT design and making their shoes become one the best running shoes for shin splints.

The ISO design is supposed to create a dynamic fit which adjusts the shoe to wearer’s foot after every single step. Along with the EVERUN cushion for the topsole and Powerfoam for the midsole, the low drop (approximately 8mm) provides excellent medical support for runners having trouble with their pronation. Not only that, the shoe is also favored by a large number of runners and different types of athletes because of its ubiquitous stability and motion control. So it is not surprising to see Saucony Men’s Guide ISO Running Shoe in the yearly list of best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: The innovative ISO design combined with EVERUN padded topsole are definitely perfect for overpronation support from mild to severe levels. This shoe is well-designed, comfortable and stable; hence, it helps wearers reduce strain and avoid shin splints. The low heel-toe drop is also a bonus for anyone preferring this type of shoe.


  • Excellent stability and medical arch support
  • Very flexible and cushioning
  • Smooth transition and responsiveness
  • Ideal for pronator and ankle rotation


  • Simple look and not as appealing as other shoes on the market


10. Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO 3 Running Shoe

Review: A smooth and comfortable run is what this pair of shoes promises you if you choose to put them on. This shoe has won many awards across the world and been one of the best running shoes for shin splints sufferers.

Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO running shoe 3 is advanced with 25% more cushioning than previous models and the brand’s famous ISOFIT system to deliver maximum comfort and stabilizing support in every step you take. The prominent trait of this shoe is its considerably low drop (4mm) teaming up with support frame of the heel to reduce undesirable shock and therefore keep the shin away from stress and possible injuries. Like other conventional running shoes from Saucony, this shoe is made of mesh and EVERUN topsole for shock absorption. It is actually a very good pick for regular or long walk on normal surfaces but not suitable for one that requires speed and roughness. As for daily use, this is always one of people’s most choices especially when you are looking for best running shoes for shin splints.

Takeaway: These shoes are extremely well-cushioned without being too soft, lightweight and dynamic. The 4 mm offset combines with molded heel support will help to minimize the shock and heel striking so runners having trouble with shin splints will find it beneficial.


  • Extremely cushioned
  • Lower drop than other shoes
  • Stable and Hardwearing
  • Very comfortable


  • Unsuitable for running fast


Buying Guide – How To Choose Running Shoes For Shin Splints?

A shoe with a well-cushioned midsole is normally ideal to minimize the shock that your shin has to endure while running. But this preference is varied according to the structure of your foot, for example arch height or toe box size and how much support from the shoe it needs to combat shin splints, to recover from previous injury or simply to prevent the collapse.

Frankly, there is not a single shoe that suits all requirements and can resolve the problem itself. The best running shoes for shin splints are mostly ones that deliver enough cushion and support for your specific foot from heel to toe. Besides, cushioning only is not adequate. There are other features that are important to take into account. If your feet are quite narrow, you are definitely in need of lock down fit shoes in order to secure your feet inside every step. In case of heavy runners, along with extreme cushion, you should also seek stable shoes to prevent excessive ankle rotation, which happens frequently to off-road runners.

There is an enormous number of running shoes available on the market that may confuse you, but your job is actually simple because you only need to look up this list of the best running shoes for shin splints, then try and choose one that fits like a glove for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the common features in the best running shoes for shin splints?

Normally they are all well-cushioned, stable and pretty lightweight. Depending on the kind of surface or terrain, some trainers are engineered with extra construction like extreme crash pad or knock down fit on their back.

2. How can runner prevent shin splints?

Things that can help to avoid shin splints are numerous. Training your feet in the right way is a must and do not forget to gear yourself up with a suitable running shoes. Though expensive shoes are not always the perfect ones, the best running shoes for shin splints are not the cheap ones indeed because they are all constructed with high quality foam and efficient design for their purpose.

3. Should I run while having shin splints?

You should always consult with your doctor first before making any decision. If the problem is severe, you had better rest your feet and let them slowly heal. If it is quite mild and does not cause ache much, then you can do light running but keep in mind to take it easily and you should avoid rough trails as well.



Shin splints or over pronation problem is quite common with both neutral and heavy runners. Instead of bearing the pain and agony during your training and afterwards, it is essential to deal with the problem in the first place and not let it go too far. Together with precise practicing technique, a pair of shoes specifically supporting you to combat shin splints is your perfect teammate. Hopefully this guide is informative and can come in handy to you here and there.

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