How to Choose The Best Longboard for Commuting In 2022?

How to Choose The Best Longboard for Commuting?

Riding a longboard to work, school or run errands is becoming more and more popular. It is fun and cheaper. Plus, it is a total environment-friendly way of transportation.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, it is the perfect ride option for you.

The longboard industry is a very fast-growing industry. New products are coming into the market every other day. So, it can be a bit of a stress to choose a quality longboard for commuting.

In this guide, I will explain how you can choose the best board for commuting on your own. Let’s dive right into it.

choose a quality longboard for commuting

First Things First

Why should you choose a longboard for commuting over other transports?

The answer is, choosing a longboard for commuting has some benefit over others to look out for. That benefit can be physical, economical, or even social.

Physical benefit is that riding a longboard is a great workout technique. Doing it on a daily basis will keep you fit no matter how old you are.

The economic side is that it is a much cheaper way of transportation. The social impact will be that you might get a chance to meet some interesting people on your way. That interesting person can be a rider or biker or just a pedestrian.

Features To Look Out For

Ok, now it’s time to discuss the thing you are here for.

How can you choose the best Longboard for commuting? What makes a longboard perfect for commuting?

Let’s find out.

1# Easy To Push

The first thing you need in a longboard is the maximum speed with minimum effort.

Well, basically pushing is a very important part of riding a longboard. You will have to keep pushing until you reach your destination.

Now if your longboard is shaped oddly for you to push comfortably, then that’s a huge problem. You don’t want that in your commuter. You want to go fast to save some time and enjoy the ride at the same time.

Now, how can you do that?

You need a longboard that has lower decks. That way, your feet will be closer to the ground. You will be able to push it easily and gain speed faster. Try to buy one with a Drop-through deck as they’re the best for commuting.

2# Smoothness Is Important

Then you need a smooth, silent ride. You don’t want your longboard to be all squeaky or noisy. For a smooth ride, you need to make sure your board has good quality bearings. It will ensure faster speed and smooth riding at the same time.

3# Always Stable

When it comes to longboarding, stability is a must. You have to have incredible control over your body when you are on board. That will surely take some time but it’s worth it. The key here is practice. Nothing else can make you a perfect rider.

But there are some simple facts in a board that have some effects on stability. For example, the longer the board, the more stable it will be.

For commuting, you need to choose a board that is at least 40’’ long. If you do, then it won’t wobble when you will ride at a fast speed. That is of course if you are a long-distance commuter.

You will need a shorter board (28’’-32’’) if you are going to ride through crowds. That’s because shorter boards are more agile and you can easily turn it.

Another part that can be effective is large wheels for your board. You can easily guess the large wheels will have more stability on a bumpy road. Plus, it will help you to roll faster.

You need to get wheels that are at least 70mm in diameter. The ideal dimension is 75-76mm. For a better experience, use softer wheels (ideal 78A).

4# Maneuverability

For urban riding, you can go for the Cruiser boards. They are perfect for that condition. They typically are 32 to 38’’ long. The kicktail of it will help you pass curbs by jumping easily. It also has more maneuverability than a full-sized longboard, yet they are more stable than a shorter board.

Besides that, you’ll also need trucks that have a decent turning radius and more responsiveness for urban commuting.

Board height also has an impact on maneuverability. The higher the longboard, the more maneuverable it is.

5# Easily Portable

After finishing the commuting part, you will need to worry about carrying it around. So, it will be better if you buy one that is easily portable.

You might need to carry it inside stores or walking or climbing stairs, so you need a lighter board. Keep that in mind.

Longer boards are a bit heavier than short one but they are a great ride for open and long-distance commuting.


I have tried to keep this buying guide as short as possible. I hope now you know the basic criteria of choosing a longboard for commuting.

You will also need to learn some tricks too, to be able to make your ride more interesting and enjoyable. Like, long-distance pushing, long-distance pumping, stopping anytime, etc.

Happy riding 😊

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