[TOP14] Best Lightweight Badminton Racket Reviews In 2022

14 Best Lightweight Badminton Racket Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for the best lightweight badminton racket? Then, this article will assist you to decide what or which type of badminton racket is of your need or preferences.

When it comes to the game of badminton the most vital thing is your badminton racket and it has to be a perfect one and should be light in weight. Whether you are a beginner finding the right racket to start playing badminton and improving your skills, or an expert badminton player searching the perfect badminton racket to explore or utilize your skills to defeat your opponent player and be a master of the game of badminton.

Badminton players are always confused while buying a racket. Because there are lots of new rackets with advanced features or with new brands are coming in the market. With lots of options and big brands marketing schemes, the player really feels confusion state in selecting the proper racket as per game requirements.

The advantage of using light racket is that the head, frame, and shaft have far less mass and are therefore much easier to manipulate and swing. Particularly, there are many other factors or aspects for an ideal racket such as shaft hardness, balance point, and string tension. The balance point of the racket is the point where the racket should balance on your finger; a high balance point provides racket a heavier feel for the power and lower balance points offer a lighter feel for the control.

Our top 10 badminton rackets collection is actually what you are looking for! Do check these great rackets and find out which one is the perfect match for you.

Let’s go and check our reviews!

Top 14 Best Lightweight Badminton Racket Reviews In 2022

1. Oppum Lightweight Badminton Racket

An Oppum lightweight badminton racket is founded by brand Oppum which is made up of carbon fiber with a high durable net string which adds strength and stability for increased performance. They are well-designed in lightweight frame design with elastic tube hardness that makes the racket with high flexibility. This type of racket mostly has a one-piece design from outside and built-in T-joint inside.
It has super high tension string which enables its durability and hard to break. The weight of the racket is about 88 gram which comes light in weight and length is measured in 26.5 inches. It is a decent product that is enough for quality, light and can able to handle heavy smashes. This Oppum badminton racket is especially affordable and the quality of the racket is guaranteed for beginners and entertainers.

Key Features:

Powerful T-joint design
Made up of carbon fiber material
Great durability and stability
High precision control performance
Handles heavy smashes


2. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket

Senston N80 is manufactured from brand Senston which is high-grade badminton racket. It is made of full carbon fiber materials which increases the strength of the racket so that it will reduce the risk of frame injury. The racket comes with solid construction with one-piece design from outside and also with built-in T-joint from inside and weight of it is about 75-79 gram which is almost light in weight than the other rackets. It also comes with a non-slip handle grip that improves its comfortability, even it does not easily slide from your hand.
There is a built-in T-connector that is no longer uses metallic materials, but instead of it utilizes a new type of lightweight plastic which is mainly made of special epoxy resin. This lightweight resin joint makes the frame more stable and powerful too.

Key Features:

High-tech frame design
Solid construction in T design
Made up of full carbon fiber frame and shaft
Comes with non-slip handle grip

3. Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racket

This is another badminton racket which is manufactured from brand Senston. It is a high-quality solid construction with one-piece design and built-in T joint structure. The shaft of the badminton racket is made of Graphite and also the weight of this unstrung racket is 90 gram which is light in weight; you can enjoy the badminton game longer and do not have shoulder pain than the other heavier racket.
This racket is ideal for beginner and casual entertainment and if you are looking for some professional racket, you can find them in our article at a very good reasonable price. Other than this, it is equipped with high-tech frame design i.e. isometric square head shape.

Key Features:

Light in weight
Valuable product
Built in one piece design and T joint technology
Comes with Isometric square head frame

4. Yonex Nanoray 20 Badminton Racket

The Yonex Nanoray 20 badminton racket is manufactured from brand Yonex and the weight of the racket is 89 grams. It is a well-made-up of graphite racket, lightweight, easy to use and handle. It comes in the combination of black/yellow and black/blue color set. The price is especially good for a graphite racket and the racket is mostly available in two colors such as white and royal blue colors.
This racket offers great for defensive players and for attacking players as it comes in lightweight and even amazing for all beginners or intermediate players also. They give high repulsion power that provides quick attacking. Nanoray is mainly designed for players who force their competitor into the back of the court with high speed. The control support cap gives a wider flat surface which is compared with an ordinary racket for easy to grip, quick achievement and the sharpest flexibility.

Key Features:

Control support cap
Made up of graphite
Gives high repulsion power
Easy to use and handle
Accurate on all keystrokes

5. Li Ning Badminton Racket

Li Ning has been successful in supporting a range of good quality badminton rackets. It is one of such racket specially constructed for people who are planning on improving their game and loves to give a powerful performance.
It is a flexible racket, weighing up to 85-89g, and is made using graphite material. The head of the racket is made using carbon graphite which provides balance and high tension that comes in red and gold color. It is located on Aerotec Beam System and Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which makes the product even more attractive. The racket is made of ultra-rigid carbon fibers with high strength and rigidity, continuous for more string tension, which also decreases the risk of frame injuries.

Key Features:

Design with dynamic optimum frame
Equipped with Aerotec Beam System
Made of ultra carbon material
The high tensile slim shaft

6. Yonex Voltric 5FX NEW Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric 5FX is another brilliant product offering by brand Yonex. It is equipped with a tri-voltage system which is developed to give better speed to the player which helps them in fast drive shots while a sound filter which reduces vibrations for your availability and a solid free core that minimizes shocks along with an aero box frame. The flex of this product is Hi-flex with extra stiff and has a frame which is made up of H.M.Graphite, tungsten and nanometric. It comes in white or lime color and has an average weight of about 83g.
Yonex has designed a racket which manages the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racket handling. The 5Fx is built-in T-joint structure which creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free. For the professional player, this model provides all-around power and control with increased in shuttle feel.

Key Features:

Tri-voltage System
Built-in T joint structure
Vibration filter cap
Manages heavy smashes and balance

7. YANG-YANG Lightweight High Modulus Graphite Badminton Racket

Yang badminton racket is produced by YANG-YANG USA which is incredibly light in weight and well built. The weight of the racket is around up to 84-88 grams. The racket frame and shaft are made up of one piece high modulus graphite without built-in T-joint or any connector between the frame and shaft. Yang-Yang racket frame is equipped with Protrusion Power technology while its shaft is made with High Modulus Nano Carbon, which when combined creates an excellent combination that means the racket has a Balance Shaft and Balance Frame.

Key Features:

Comfortable to play
Equipped with Protrusion Power technology
Made of high modulus graphite
Very manageable
Value for money

8. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Ares Red 68 Premium Badminton Racket

In addition, if you suffer from neck, forearm, and shoulder or wrist pain from the use of extreme force due to a heavy racket then the Ares Red 68 is the lightest racket in the line of products. This racket is designed to be similar to the Yonex ArcSaber FB and it’s known for its defensive capability. It is built-in T-Joint is constructed from a special lightweight plastic that is combined with epoxy resin and foaming agent that increases quality and performance by enhancing the stability of the shuttle on the string bed & through the air. It is made up of Ultra-high modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber, lightweight yet very strong and can sustain string tension up to 30 lbs and weighing up to 68 gram.

Key Features:

Worth for money
Super light and strong
New built-in T joint structure
Great ability to hit powerful smashes

9. Zingther Professional Carbon Fiber Graphite Badminton Racket

Zingther graphite badminton racket is made from high-performance carbon fiber in the shaft and frame with high strength and rigidity, continual for more string tension. The rigid carbon fiber not only decreases the risk of frame deformation but also decreases the weight and improves strength for controlling. It is great design and craftsmanship which is built-in T joint is placed at the cross of shaft and frame to increase the performance of the racket.
The weight of this racket is up to 82 gram. This badminton racket is strung at 22lb tension with high-quality yellow string and its series are respectively strung at 22lb, 24lb and 26lb depend on your choices. The badminton racket is an extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure which is specially designed to reduce air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame. It is equipped with dynamic- an optimum frame that is all-around optimized design improves racket mechanical structure for a more powerful attack and defense system. A balanced triangle power system is consists of a balanced frame structure, powerful shaft, and well-fixed string.

Key Features:

Equipped with high-quality materials
Excellent craftsmanship makes a great badminton racket
Dynamic-optimum frame

10. Yonex Voltric Z Force II Badminton Racket

The Yonex Voltric Z Force II is produced by Yonex brand which looks black with patterns of a metallic blue by a matte finish of the most beautiful effect and the weight of the racket is 85-89 gram. This new version is slimmer in the head and the shaft and the head are notably narrower. It is great for smashing power, excellent flexibility with a fast and smooth swing. It comes with the extra slim shaft which is equipped with NANOMETRIC carbon technology is used to construct an ultra-thin, ultra-tough, aerodynamic shaft, created for a stronger and more intense shot.
This racket is excellent in the backcourt because its fast and smooth swing makes you smash with plenty of power. Also, it has a great performance in the midcourt, because its design allows you to have very fast reactions to shoot powerful smashes from this range without problems. And finally it is a great performer in the frontcourt as it is super slim and light in weight; it allows you to react as fast as possible.

Key Features:

Equipped with nanometric carbon technology
Well designed in a stylish look by a matte finish
Great for smashing power and flexibility
Thinnest shaft ever

11. Yonex Nanoray 60 FX Badminton Racket

The Yonex Nanoray 60 FX is one of the best badminton racket among the Yonex Nanoray racket series. This racket is designed for all types of players. It is equipped with a very flexible shaft, the balance is neutral and a weight of 4U (83 grams) , making this racquet perfect for players who want the perfect balance between control and power.

The Delta Power Frame and Light Feel Carbon Neo , making this racket very versatile. Another one of the main construction is the Vibrator Filter Cup , with which a reduction of the vibrations in the impact of the steering wheel is achieved.

Key Features:

Shaft: H.M. Graphite, LIGHT Feel CARBON NEO
Frame: H.M. Graphite, LIGHT Feel CARBON NEO
Flex: Hi-Flex
Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
Weight: 4U (Avg.83g)
Original Yonex US Version

12. Yonex Astrox 7 Badminton Racket

If you want to Play like a Champion then Yonex Astrox 7 is the best value and very good quality badminton. It is well balanced and slightly head heavy for better smashes.

It is designs with graphite material where the frame connects with the shaft, the YONEX Astrox 7 is Built-in T-Joint structure which creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free.

Astrox 7 is the perfect racket for players finding exceptional ‘all-round’ performance that gives incredible power and fast racket handling for the first time. Its available in orange black color.

Key Features:

Flex: Hi-Flex
Frame: Graphite/Tungsten, Shaft: Graphite
Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4
Constructed in T-joint structure
Designed with Isometric frame shape

13. LI-NING Badminton Racket G-Force Series Player

Li Ning G Force series is a head heavy series which is well-design by considering the demands of players who love to play attacking game.

Its dynamic optimum frame that helps player to hit powerful smashes and big sweet spot area works as very harmful mark for opponents.

Its frame and shaft material is High grade Graphite material which enhanced the strength and power of frame to sustain sudden impact load.

This racket made of ultra rigid carbon fibers which shows great quality of frame that is very important as badminton is the game of deceptive skills and lots of impact load comes on racket frame.
“Fast as wind and as Light as a feather.”!

Key Features:

Superlight weight
Carbon fiber material
Quick handling and fast moves
Supports Aerotec-Beam System
Dynamic-Optimum Frame

14. Li-Ning Badminton Racket Windstorm 78SL

The windstorm 78 badminton racket is part of the Li-ning Super Light series and this is a light weight racket for defensive players with fast racket speed and quick hands.

The windstorm 78 SL (super light) badminton racket that is developed on the windstorm technology platform and is a premium quality,with high string tension capability for players that enjoy instant reaction times and fast racket speeds.

Windstorm badminton rackets are easy to swing as its 78 gram and generate excellent power and control for players that are developing their badminton skills and racket swing techniques.
Swing It, Smash It!

Key Features:

Dynamic-Optimum Frame Design
High Tensile Slim Shaft
Super light in weight
Ultra carbon
Aerotec-beam system


If you are looking for the lightest Badminton which allows taking a quick movement, feels like nothing in your grip with powerful forehand and get a fast reverse in return. Then here you will get to purchase the best lightweight best badminton racket that will suit your style or help you improve in your game to win it.
Smash it, Win it and be a Boss of the Game!

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