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10 Best Footballs Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you seeking for the Best Footballs for yourself? Look no further! You should rad our reviews for more information. Football has taken over the country in popularity over the last century. For those who want to start a legendary career in this sport, a high-quality football ball plays an indispensable role.

However, one may easily get lost in the diverse range of football balls available in the market. With that in mind, this top list of the best footballs has been compiled for your convenience. Take a look before deciding on the ball that will accompany you in your next game.

Top 10 Best Footballs to Buy 2022

1. Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

Being made of durable leather with a covering layer that allows better grip, this training football can be used regardless of the weather.

Despite not being the official NFL ball, it still stands out with the multi-layered lining that improves shape retention even after long periods of use.

The additional grip provided is ideal for beginners or those who love playing football in the rain. It is also really affordable, and although you cannot use it in official NFL games, it is still a great choice for both professional and basic training.

Pros: – Durable leather construction – Tacky cover for additional – Really affordable – Multilayered design Cons: – Cannot be used in official games


2. Wilson NFL MVP Football

A similar option to our first pick, this durable football is great at durability and affordability. It is also very eye-catching thanks to the NFL logo in the middle and the tacky outer cover of PVC materials which allows the ball to be used regardless of the weather. Thanks to this, the ball would stick well to your hands, hence better confidence for players at all levels.

The ball is designed to maintain it shape despite impact against hard wall surfaces, making an attractive choice for training purposes. However, this is also its downside since it can only be used in practice rather than official, major games.

Pros: – Really affordable – Great durability – Tacky outer coating – Good shape retention Cons: – Can only be used in practice games

3. Wilson GST NCAA Leather Game Football

Upon the completion of your training, this one should be your next pick to prepare yourself for the NFL and other big games in your career as it is the official football approved by the NCAA and NFHS and commonly used by players at a college or high school level.

Its hand-sewn strips and durable leather cover allows excellent glove grip, increasing accuracy for your touchdown throws. Although it is a bit more expensive than normal training footballs, it creates a sense of familiarity when you step in a real game, and the neoprene inside the ball helps a lot with shape retention.

Pros: – Excellent shape retention – Decent grip – Reasonable price – NCAA approved Cons: – A bit expensive

4. Wilson NCAA Composite Football

Like our previous pick, this training football is ideal for college players looking for an affordable ball to practice their skills.

Thanks to the excellent grip facilitated by the composite leather cover and deep pebbles, the ball can be used during even rainy weather without the need for gloves. It also has great shape retention capability and comes in all official sizes for more effective training and familiarity.

The best thing about this football is its affordability, so it is among the best deals available on the current market.

Pros: – Excellent grip – Good shape retention – Affordable price – Available in all official sizes Cons: – Not approved for official games

5. Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football

This exact replica of the NFL Pro ball used by Tom Brady is unbelievably inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for big football fans who want to show off at home.

Its deep pebbled design is said to provide 174% more grip, and it also excels in terms of durability and shape retention. Although it is not approved for big games, you can still use it for some backyard training and help your children stay ahead of their peers in the football game.

Pros: – Official NFL replica – Superb gripping – Really cheap – Good durability and shape retention Cons: – Not approved for official games

6. Under Armour 395 Football

Among the top football choices on the market is the Under Armour 395 Footbal, which is especially designed for young footballers. Similar to our top picks, this ball makes use of composite leather and therefore boasts incredible durability without slipping out of your hands easily.

In fact, the patented Gripskin technology applied in this football also allows it to be played with regardless of the weather. Its shape retention is also improved thanks to the inner lining.

Although it is not officially approved and used for competition due to its size and soft foam texture, it is one of the cheapest training balls you can buy from Under Armour.

Pros: – Durable – One of the cheapest – Comfortable and soft – Gripskin technology Cons: – Not approved for official games

7. Nike Men’s Vapor 24/7 Official (Size 9) Football

Featuring similar characteristics to several official football balls, the Nike Men’s Vapor 24/7 Official (Size 9) Football is also officially used in high school football, making it perfect for field training or even backyard training.

The spiral-tech used in this ball allows even beginners to throw a tight spiral up in the air, making their training more enjoyable and potentially resulting in better performance in official games. Like other of our top picks, this ball also has an excellent grip and can be used even in rainy weathers with ease.

Although it is a bit expensive than normal training balls, players can benefit greatly from it as they can familiarize themselves to the big game’s ball and therefore build up confidence.

Pros: – Great durability – Superb grip – NFHS approved – All-weather football Cons: – A bit expensive

8. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football

The approval signature from Mr. Roger Goodell together with its superior materials and excellent gripping have made this official NFL game ball a great source of inspiration for many players and a popular choice for high school and college football training.

Its durability and shape retention capability also make it an even more attractive option, and training with the ball can effectively familiarize you with what it really feels like in the next big game, thereby building up your confidence and performance.

All in all, albeit a bit expensive, the ball is definitely worth the investment as it is nearly impossible for you to find one closer to the real deal.

Pros: – Official NFL game football – Durable – Excellent grip – Featuring Roger Goodell’s signature Cons: – Expensive

9. Spalding Never Flat Football

This is an ideal choice for backyard football games as it is covered with a soft composite layer for better comfort and avoid any damage to players’ hands. As its name suggests, the technology used in this ball allows it to stay inflated for incredibly long periods, and the valve design facilitate easy inflating while avoiding any unwanted leaks during playing.

In addition, this ball is especially useful for wide receivers to predict the ball’s trajectory, allowing them to perfect their catches and eventually shine on the field. Although it is not approved for big games, it is affordably priced, and also suitable for some backyard fun games with your friends or family.

Pros: – Affordably priced – Never deflates – Decent gripping – Great for backyard games Cons: – Not approved for official games

10. Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football

Our last choice is the Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football, which is especially designed not for real games but more for home display as it is much smaller compared to official ball sizes. Purchasing it is a great way for fans to show their favorite team support and contribute to their own football collection.

That being said, it can still be played with for fun, and it is available in any colors, logos and brands so you can find one matching that of your favorite team.

Pros: – Really cheap – Great deign – Available with any logos/brands – Great for recreational purposes Cons: – Only for display or recreation

Important Criteria in Choosing a Football

Here are some important criteria for you to consider before making any purchases:

1. NCAA, NFL or NFHS Approved

You should know whether the ball you are buying can be used officially in big games or just for recreational purposes and display. That way, you can gain more familiarity and handle the ball more effectively on the field.

2. Sizes

This is important as the ball size can affect your performance on the field. Bigger balls can make it harder to catch and smaller balls can undermine your football skills.

3. Grip technology

Better grip means you can use the ball regardless of the weather, avoiding any unwanted slipping during training and making it easier for beginners to train.

4. Spiral technology

This criterion is especially important for quarterbacks when the need to throw tight spiral arises. The design and lining of the ball are what you must pay close attention to when choosing.

5. Materials

The cheapest yet still quality one is composite leather, allowing better grip and durability. However, footballs made of this material are not used in big games, so professional players should opt for an authentic leather ball instead.


We hope that the article is useful for you in choosing from the wide variety of footballs available on the market. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share your choice with us by leaving a comment.

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