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10 Best Football Visors Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you looking for the Best Football Visors for yourself? If yes, you may check out our list for more details.

Just like any other protective football gears, a football visor also plays an important goal in boosting your performance and providing protection for your eye area.

Without wearing a visor, your eyes can easily be injured from unexpected poking and blows during a game, and those with vision impairments will also benefit greatly from this piece as their glasses or contact lens can be securely kept in place throughout a game.

However, finding a suitable visor is not an easy task amid the various choices available on today’s market. Therefore, the following products that we have picked out for you may help with your choice of visor for your next game. Have a look at the 10 best visors below before making your purchase decision.

Top 10 Best Football Visors Reviewed

1. EliteTek PRIZM Football and Lacrosse Eye-Shield Visor

The universal fit that suits both youth and adult football helmets that this visor offers is among its best selling points. In addition, the 2-clip system that it adopts also makes attachment and removal easier than ever.

Another great feature of this optical polycarbonate visor is the anti-fog, impact- and scratch-resistant coating that can also effectively block away any blue light and UV rays that are harmful to the eyes.

Wearing the visor, you can also be protected from any distracting glare, and the light intensity can be easily put under control for better convenience on the field. Although installation in cascade helmets is not an easy feat, a perfect fit is guaranteed once the installation is done.


  • Universal fit
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Impact and scratch-resistant coating
  • Ability to block UV rays and blue light
  • Light intensity control


  • Slightly difficult installation when it comes to cascade helmets


2. EliteTek Clear Football Visor Eyeshield Universal

With an overall rating of 4.5 stars from over 380 customers on Amazon, this visor will surely prove an ideal choice for your next purchase.

In fact, any airborne particles or poking can be prevented from harming your eyes thanks to this visor, enhancing your confidence and boosting your performance on the field. In addition, since it is hard for other players to grab your facemask, any injuries related to the neck or head will also be avoided.

Besides, it also features a universal fit and therefore can be used with helmets of various sizes, allowing players of all ages to utilize it for protection. The coating on this visor is also resistant to impact, scratches and fog. However, installation into helmets can be quite challenging.


  • Universal fit
  • High-quality and protective shield
  • Approval for various leagues
  • Resistance to impact, scratches and fog
  • Confidence boost guaranteed


  • Slightly difficult íntallation

3. Oakley Football Shield

This football visor from Oakley is highly recommended thanks to its high ratings and excellent durability brought out thanks to the use of a proprietary synthetic material called plutonite.

The polycarbonate material also removes any vision distortion as well as UVA, UVB and UVC rays you may encounter on the field while maintaining superb clarity on any angles and sides for the wearers. This superb vision is facilitated by the injection molding used in shaping the visor, creating a unique contour for it.

Another impressive thing about this visor is its AFR lens treatment coating, allowing it to be highly resistant to scratches and fog. However, some may find the installation instructions a bit hard to follow, making it more time-consuming for them to set the visor up.


  • Durable and protective
  • Shield distortion elimination
  • Capable of blocking harmful blue lights and UVA, UVB and UVC rays
  • All-angle clarity
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating


  • Unclear installation instructions

4. Barnett Football Clear Eye-shield/Visor

This eye-shield slash visor from Barnett is among the most highly rated products on the market which suits players of all ages thanks to its universal fit.

Like other of our top picks, the 2-clip system incorporated in this visor also allows easy attachment and removal for its wearers, and the scratch and fog resistant coating also keeps the visor clean and sturdy in any weather conditions.

Besides, it is also capable of blocking UV rays and harmful blue light as well as putting the light intensity under control. The only problem is you may need to adjust the visor a few times for the best fit.


  • Superb clarity approved by both youth and high school leagues
  • Universal helmet compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating


  • Adjustments needed for a perfect fit

5. EliteTek Take Everything Leave Nothing Football Visor

This visor is a high-quality yet affordably priced choice from EliteTek with high, positive ratings from many customers.

The best thing about this visor is its universal compatible with football helmets of various sizes. In addition, the 2-clip system incorporated in it also makes attachment and removal easy and quick, and the scratch and fog resistant coating is also a major plus point.

Like our previous selections, this visor can also filter out any harmful UV rays and blue light, providing the highest level of protection for your vision. You can also be fully protected from any airborne particles and finger poking during even the toughest game. Although the visor tends to get smudges and dirt, it is very easy to clean so this is a negligible downside.


  • Compatible with both youth and adult helmet sizes
  • Maximum clarity without tint
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
  • Blue light and UV ray protection
  • Easy installation and removal thanks to the 2-clip system


  • Prone to getting smudges and dirt

6. Under Armour Clear Youth Football Helmet Visor

Similar to our previous choices, this helmet visor from Under Armour is also highly rated thanks to its universal fit and compatibility, allowing it to be used with helmets of different sizes.

Thanks to the quick-release clips that are already included in the price, installing the visor into your helmet would be an effortless feat as you need no additional tools for installation. Besides, compared to other visors on the market, this product is 10% more lightweight thanks to its polycarbonate material, allowing lighter movements and boosting your on-field performance.

In addition, the visor is also resistant to scratches and fog thanks to its special coatings. However, it may not be the best option for aggressive uses and situations.


  • Approved by American Youth Football
  • Universal helmet compatibility
  • Quick-release clips for easy installation
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating


  • Not suitable for aggressive uses and situations

7. EliteTek Hard Hitting No Quitting Visor/Eye-shield

This visor slash eye-shield features an awesome, customizable look available in a wide range of colors from vivid red to black. With its “Hard Hitting, No Quitting” slogan, this is definitely an inspiring gear that is worth your investment.

In terms of visibility, the product is guaranteed to be free of any tints, offering a clear vision for its wearers. The clear vision is further enhanced by its anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating, and it is also resistant to impact thanks to its injection-molded nature.

In addition, the visor also features a universal fit, making it easy to be attached to helmets of both youth and adult sizes. Although you may need to slightly adjust the facemask for installation, the result will be a great and impressive fit.


  • Customizable and available in various colors
  • Tint-free and clear
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating
  • Universal fit guaranteed


  • Adjustments needed on the facemask

8. Unique Sports Clear Football Helmet Eye-shield

This Unique Sports Clear Football Helmet Eye-shield is highly recommended since it is officially used for both high school and college football.

The best thing about this visor is its 3-mm thick polycarbonate lens which offers clear, distortion-free vision. Besides, any glare and blind spots can be eliminated with ease thanks to the wrapped lens of this visor, and the anti-scratch and fog coating is also a major plus point.

In addition, this shatterproof visor also boasts great compatibility with nearly every helmet available on the market right now. However, some minimal scuff marks might be incurred while wearing the product, but they are not that big of a problem for you to dismiss this amazing visor.


  • Approved in high school and college football
  • Clear lens guaranteed
  • Distortion-free and shatterproof
  • Available with an exact fit
  • Capable of removing any glare and blind spots


  • Minimal scuff marks

9. Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

This Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield is another optimal choice for protecting your vision.

Like most of our top picks, this eye shield from Nike also features a wrapped lens for maximized and distortion-free vision. In addition, it is also shock-absorbent thanks to the shock dampening attachments. The lens can also be used with most helmets on the market.

Besides, all the mounting hardware and instructions are already included in the price. With that in mind, this quality plastic visor is definitely worth your investment.


  • Durable construction
  • Shock-absorbent
  • High-quality plastic


  • No real cons

10. Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor, revo Blue, Eyes-Shield

Our last recommendation is a football eye shield from Barnett. With an overall 4.5-star Amazon rating from many customers, this product should definitely be taken into consideration.

Since this sturdy and reliable product is compatible with various helmets of different sizes, it is approved for use in both youth and high school football leagues. In addition, like our previous choices, this visor also features a 2-clip system for easy helmet attachment and removal.

Another plus point is the visor’s 10% tint, allowing it to filter out any harmful UV rays from the sun. It also possesses a coating that is resistant to fog and scratches. Wearing this visor, you no longer have to worry about your vision being affected by unexpected light fluctuations on the field, thereby boosting your confidence and performance. However, there are no installation instructions, which may make it more confusing for first-time buyers.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Compatible with nearly every helmet
  • 2-clip system for easy attachment and removal
  • Capable of blocking harmful UV rays and light fluctuations
  • Lightweight


  • No installation instructions

Criteria to consider before a football visor purchase

Anyone looking for a football visor should fully understand the product before actually buying one. Below are some important considerations that you should pay attention to for a better understanding of what makes a good football visor:

1. Intended purpose

Although the most common reason for having a football visor is to block the sunlight and any other harmful light from entering your eyes, some may also use this protective gear to block out any debris or protect their eye areas from any poking from their opponents on the field. Knowing this will help you choose the best design for your visor.

2. Fit

This is very important as not all visors are compatible with your helmets. If you just make a purchase without considering this, you may end up wasting your money for not being able to install your newly bought visor into the helmet. In addition, some visors are not approved for official games, so remember to consult the sellers or your coaches before buying one.

3. Type

Although there are many types of visors available on the market, the most popular type is the clear football visor with the only purpose of protecting your eyes. Other common types include tinted visors or anti-fog and glare ones.

4. Lens

This aspect is important as it directly affects your vision during the game. Choose a visor with lenses that do not restrict your vision, especially an anti-glare one to help you stay focused.

5. Ease of installation

Although this may sound trivial to some, it could be very confusing for first-time buyers if their purchases do not come with installation instructions or necessary tools for helmet attachment.


It is hoped that the 10 recommendations included in this article can help you in choosing the best football visors for protecting your eyes in your next football games. Leave a comment to share your decision with us! 

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