[TOP 13] Best Football Mouthguards Reviews In 2022

13 Best Football Mouthguards Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you seeking for the Best Football Mouthguards for yourself? Look no Further! You should read our reviews for more information.

A football mouthguard is of paramount importance for football players of all ages and leagues since it can provide protection for your mouth and teeth during even the roughest game. Due to the huge range of products available in the market, it is nearly impossible for one to choose the best. With that in mind, we have compiled a top list of football mouthguards just for our lovely readers to help you pick out a proper and suitable protective gear to wear to your next football game.

The Top 13 Best Football Mouthguards in 2022 – Reviews

1. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

With an overall rating of 4.5 stars from 516 satisfied customers on Amazon, the Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard is definitely worth your money.

Wearers can benefit tremendously from this piece of protective gear since it is specifically designed and constructed to allow superior airflow to and supply oxygen to your muscles, facilitating clear thoughts in even the most decisive moments on the field. Thanks to its numerous integrated air channels, your reaction speed can tremendously increase.

In addition to its cool look of fangs and graphics, it is also ideal for brace wearers and totally convenient as it does not require any boiling before use. The only problem is that there are no youth sizes, so younger wearers may have to trim the angles and sides if they want to wear it for their games.


2. Shock Doctor Football Mouth Guard

Here comes another highly rated product – 4-star ratings from over 2500 Amazon customers. This mouthguard is highly recommended for both youth and adult players, and its incredible versatility allows you to wear it in a wide range of other contact sports such as boxing and hockey.

In terms of breathability, this mouthguard is also designed with maximized number of breathing channels, helping players to enhance their performance and reaction speed during the game. Like our first pick, it also works well with brace wearers, and your lower and upper lips can be completed protected from any impact.

In addition, the faceguard can be easily cleaned with boiling water or even a dishwasher thanks to its medical-grade silicone. The only downside is that it is relatively bulky, but you can rest assured that it is still very comfortable to wear.

3. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Football Mouthguard

This football mouthguard is another high-quality product that you should not overlook since, judging from its big breathing hole, it works perfectly well for those who find it hard to breathe while wearing mouthguards with a traditional design. As a common feature in other mouthguards, this provides an excellent airflow for wearers and prevent fatigue due to oxygen shortage on the field.

Another plus point is the mouthguard’s compatibility with brace wearers. It also stays correctly in place once put on, providing additional protection for your lips and whole mouth areas.

In addition, like our top picks, it also does not need any cleaning with boiling water before use, which proves extremely convenient and economical on time. However, being made of soft rubber, it might have a relatively short lifespan due to chewing.

4. Shock Doctor Pro Strapped and Strapless Mouth Guard

This mouthguard is especially ideal for quarterbacks and also players of other contact sports such as hockey and basketball. The product is available in two versions, both strapped and strapless, allowing greater versatility and flexibility.

In addition, as it comes in a wide variety of sizes, players of all ages can wear it, including children below the age of 10. Another advantage is that it is relatively lightweight while remaining reliably protective thanks to a dual composite construction, and its shock-absorbent jaw pads also prevent any frontal impact its wearer might face.

But that is not all. This mouthguard is also a good fit for those wearing braces. The only con this may have is that it is less moldable than other products, hence potential difficulty in wearing for those with a oddly-shaped or small mouth.

5. Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard

This is among the best choices due to its use of the advanced ArmourFit Material, which can easily mold itself to your teeth and therefore provide greater comfort and fitness without creating a compression squeeze on your skin or the need for a strap.

In addition, it is also versatile enough for contact sports of all sorts, protecting your mouth perfectly without interfering with your breathing and speaking. Another plus point is that you can either microwave or boil the mouthguard before properly fitting it in your mouth, and it can last for a long time with its chew-resistant feature. However, as this is a strapless mouthguard, those familiar with a strapped one may not prefer it.

6. Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard

The Vettex Mouthguard is another ideal choice for adult players. The best thing about this strap is that it comes at an affordable price while remaining comfortable and protective for your mouth and lips.

Its adjustable strap can help wearers keep it from falling apart and is a better alternative than our previous pick for those favoring a strapped mouthguard. Another advantage this faceguard boasts is the excellent cushioning support that it provides, and its thermal rubber material allows perfect alignment over time.

In addition, it is also highly breathable thanks to several built-in breathing channels. Its only drawback is that people may find it harder to talk while wearing it in their mouth.

7. Battle Fang Edition Mouthguard

This mouthguard can provide top-notch protection for your mouth area at a competitively affordable price. People having orthodontic treatment can also wear it with ease, and its removable trap and integrated safety release brings about greater convenience just like its custom-made counterparts.

Both young and adult players can wear this as it comes in a variety of sizes, and its ability to be remolded by boiling allows users to fit it perfectly into their mouth. This way, the mouthguard can offer better stabilization for your jaw and teeth, protecting them from any impact while maintaining superior breathability.

Its cool design also makes this mouthguard an attractive option. However, the strap is reported to break after long periods of use.

8. Shock Doctor Convertible Mouth Guard (GelMax-flavored)

This mouthguard comes with a gel max flavor and therefore deserves to be included in this list. Thanks to its convertible tether and universal fit, it is capable of maximizing protection and comfort for wearers of all ages.

In addition, its triple-layer design also proves beneficial since it offers both full protection and incredible comfort. The new gel-fit liner also makes it easier for fitting to your teeth and gums, resulting in better comfort for long periods of use. The breathing channels integrated in the product also allows superior breathability and performance for its wearer.

Although some may initially find it quite difficult to mold, things would surely be easier and more quickly after a few tries.

9. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

This Shock Doctor mouthguard is perfect for sportspeople looking for teeth protection, and its ortho-channels design also makes it an ideal fit for brace wearing athletes.

In addition, thanks to its medical-grade silicone material and the integrated ventilation channels in the middle, this strapless protective gear offers the utmost comfort for its wearers. Furthermore, as it comes in a wide range of sizes, players of all ages can freely use it for protection.

Despite being potentially a bit bulky for some, this mouthguard boasts high durability and a secure fit, which helps to prevent unwanted lacerations to the inside of the wearer’s mouth.

10. Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Case

This mouthguard case aims to deal with hygiene issues that wearers usually have, as it can fit all mouthguards of the same brand currently available in the market.

Your mouthguard will be perfectly protected from any bacteria or dirt from the outside due to the case’ fully enclosed design. You can even both the mouthguard and its strap inside this spacious case, allowing better convenience for travelling athletes. In addition, its wide range of colors let you pick the best one to your personal preferences.

However, due to its big ventilation hole, smaller mouthguards might just fall through it without anyone noticing, so it is better for you to try it out with your mouthguard before making a purchase.

11. Vettex Double Mouthguard with Lip Protection

This is a long-lasting mouthguard and can potentially become your indispensable protective gear in every football game. Since it is quite simple and small, there is little chance that something will stick out and create discomfort you’re your mouth. In addition, its durable strap is easily attachable and can help you maintain the mouthguard where it should be throughout the game.

This protective mouthguard also comes with an additional small lip protector, providing all-rounded protection for your mouth area. However, the lack of specialized casing proves a bit disadvantageous as it is harder for users to keep the mouthguard clean and bacteria-free.

Anyway, this is still an attractive option thanks to its affordable price and the range of colors you can freely choose from.

12. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Despite its basic nature, this mouthguard can be utilized by players of various sports thanks to its special, low profile design. With just some hot water, you can easily fit the gel frame of this mouthguard comfortably to your mouth over a short span of time.

Since this is a basic mouthguard, you will only find one lip protector, which makes it more comfortable to wear and, together with several ventilation holes, allows greater breathability. In addition, as it is made of rubber, the mouthguard can effectively absorb the shock from any impact you may have, making it ideal for contact sports.

Although it is a bit more expensive than its counterparts, this mouthguard is definitely worth the expense due to its superior quality and several special features included in the price such as a protective case for hygienic reasons.

13. SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard

This SISU Mouth Guard is among the best choices with its many great features and durable material.

To begin with, its various ventilation holes allow you to breathe more comfortably and communicate with your teammates at ease. As its name suggests, its custom-fit build allows you to slide it smoothly into your mouth without any unwanted discomfort.

In addition, thanks to Diffusix technology, the impact you take will be evenly spread out, thereby reducing the pressure on the point of impact and reducing the risk of serious injuries. It is also available various colors to choose from to match with your team uniform. However, this is one of the most expensive mouthguards, so it is more advisable for professional players.


Before making any purchase, do not forget to consider the key factors of protection level, fit, attachment straps, personalization, and comfort. We hope that this will be enough for you to make the best possible decision in buying a mouthguard for protection during your game. Do not hesitate to share your choice with us.

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