[TOP 9] Best Football Knee Pads Reviews In 2022

9 Best Football Knee Pads Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

You looking for the Best Football Knee Pads for yourself? If yes, You may check out our list for more details.

As in any other sports, football involves a lot of running and jumping, which can lead to unwanted injuries to the knees. Because of this, a knee pad is an important piece among the various protective gears that a football player must have as it can protect you from falling or other impact during your game.

Knowing this, we have searched the market for the best knee pads and compiled them into this list to help you make the best purchase. Have a look at these 10 optimal knee pads, all of which are among the most popular in today’s market!

Top 9 Best Football Knee Pads Reviewed 2022

1. Schutt Varsity Vinyl-Dipped Football Knee Pad

This high-quality and durable knee pad is especially designed for football players. It can help prevent any knee wounds or injuries during the game thanks to the soft touch provided by its comfortable vinyl material.

All you have to do is placing the knee pad under your long socks in advance. Thanks to its wide coverage, it can provide a great fit regardless of your knee size while maintaining enough space for agility. Although it may be a bit hard at first, the knee pad will surely soften up after a while and become more comfortable to wear.


  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Durable yet lightweight and comfortable
  • User-friendly
  • Wide knee coverage hence complete protection
  • Suitable for both small and large knees


  • A bit hard at first


2. Schutt VKP Varsity Football Knee Pad

This second varsity knee pad is super lightweight so you can surely rely on it for protection without any interfering effect on your performance on the field.

Another plus point of this knee pad is the vinyl-dipped construction it features, making it sturdy enough to protect your knee from any impact. In addition, players in a varsity football league can also find this pad useful as it is also available in a varsity size. However, despite its extra cushion for better comfort, some people still find the padding a bit thin.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy vinyl material
  • Complete protection from impact
  • Also suitable for varsity players
  • Will not interfere with your on-field performance


  • Some wearers say the padding is a bit thin and lacking.

3. ADAMS USA Tuff Knee Pad Set

This lightweight knee pad set is another great choice for players looking for extra protection for their knees.

You can move freely around on the field with this knee pad as it does not obstruct your movement at all. In addition, the foam cushion inside also makes it extra comfortable, and it can even offer protection for those weighing over 350 lbs., which is quite impressive.

The exact density of this knee pad is also a plus point as its soft, yet durable structure can effectively reduce impact on your knees. However, this product is a bit expensive since it is sold in a set rather than in pairs.


  • Lightweight
  • Allowing free movement
  • Comfortable foam cushion
  • Incredible protection to the knee
  • Soft yet durable


  • Expensive

4. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Football Knee Pad

The Gear Pro-Tec-Z-Cool Knee Pad works well for both young and adult players, and even for children.

This lightweight knee pad pair can fully protect your knees without reducing your agility in any way. In addition, its vented design allows evaporative cooling and therefore boosting comfort for players during even the toughest game.

Despite its suitability for players of all ages, the knee pad only comes in white, so people who are more into other colors may consider this a downside.


  • Suitable for players of various ages
  • Lightweight
  • Allowing free movement
  • Versatile and durable construction
  • Proper ventilation and airflow


  • Only available in white

5. Schutt Varsity Vinyl-Dipped Air-cushioned Knee Pad

This knee pad from Schutt is highly dependable as it can boost your performance and allow you to focus more on the game while protecting your knees completely.

Similar to our top picks, this knee pad is also very lightweight, and its deep vinyl material makes it both sturdy and soft on your knees. Besides, it is also very easy to use, as you only need to leave it under your long socks before your game.

The air cushioning and padding included also contribute to its high level of comfort and protection. One drawback, though, is that you might need to trim the pads for better fit in your pants.


  • Excellent knee protection, improving your performance and focus on the field
  • Lightweight and comfortable air cushioning and padding
  • Soft and sturdy deep vinyl


  • Pad trimming required for young wearers

6. RIDDELL Youth Football Knee Pad

The RIDDELL Youth Football Knee Pad is truly versatile as you can wear it not only for football but also for other sports such as tennis, track and field, basketball, and many other. Featuring a high-density shock-absorbent property, this knee pad can effectively protect your knee from an impact.

In addition to such sturdiness, the knee pad is very comfortable to wear thanks to the cushion and padding under it. Also, your knee joints can easily stay warm using this knee pad, which leads to better blood circulation during the game.

The only issue you may have is that the knee may need to be trimmed slightly for a perfect fit.


  • Versatile and therefore can be used in many sports
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can reduce and absorb impact / shocks.
  • Comfortable cushion and padding
  • Great body heat retention leading to better blood circulation


  • Pad trimming required for some wearers

7. New Douglas Vinyl-coated Football Knee Pad

This knee pad is sold in pairs, and therefore is an ideal investment for adult players looking for some knee protection in their next football game.

As it is especially designed for rough gameplay, it can effectively protect your knee from any hits and blows, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries to the knee.

Like its counterparts in this top list, the knee pad is also lightweight, allowing better movement and comfort. In addition to this, the added foam and rounded shape also make it more comfortable for wearing. Its durability is also boosted greatly thanks the vinyl-dipped material. The only drawback is the limited color range to choose from as white is your only option.


  • Good value for money as it is sold in pairs
  • Suitable for adult athletes
  • Capable of withstanding rough gameplay
  • Light weight yet durable and fully protective
  • Rounded shape and added foam for better comfort


  • Limited color range (only white)

8. McDavid 6440 Hex Football Knee Pad

This knee pad is a combination of functionality and versatility and is therefore a great investment that you should not miss. The main advantages that this knee pad can offer is its wide coverage, allowing it to protect not only your knees but also your elbows and shins.

In addition, its unique hex technology utilizing a closed-cell foam padding provides better protection against any impact and builds up its durability, thereby boosting your on-field performance. Another impressive point is its ability to manage moisture, keeping you cool and dry throughout your game day.

Besides, the knee pad is also user-friendly and easy to be cleaned and dried using a machine. However, you should look for advice before choosing a size since it can get a bit confusing.


  • Great protection for not only your knees but also elbows and shins.
  • Moisture management technology keeping your knee area cool and dry
  • Highly durable and user-friendly
  • Wash-and-dryable by machine


  • Slightly confusing sizing

9. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad

Our last recommendation is the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad. It is both a reliable protective gear and a good investment since it is sold in pairs rather than separately.

With its unisex and lightweight design, players of both genders can utilize it for protection and free movement. In addition, the knee pad’s ergonomic design also allows its wearer to move more naturally and comfortably. Thanks to this, people can also use it for daily exercise to prevent their knee from being injured.

Besides, the knee pad is also strong yet elastic thanks to the high-density foam it features, and the breathable pad fabric also result in better ventilation for the knee area. Although it is quite bulky, the comfort it provides clearly outweighs this downside.


  • Ultimate knee support and protection
  • Unisex and light weight design
  • Highly breathable and elastic
  • Ergonomic design


  • Quite bulky

Criteria to consider before purchasing a football knee pad

1. Type

Since knee pads designed for each sport can vary greatly, it is best to do some background check on the knee pad that you want to buy to make sure that you are buying the right one for your purpose. Choosing the wrong one meant for other sports can hinder your performance in the big game.

2. Material

Spandex, leather, cotton and neoprene are among the most common materials for a football knee pad, but polyurethane is the best in terms of shock absorption.

3. Overall construction

The knee pad’s overall construction is something you should never overlook as this contributes greatly to the breathability, comfort and protection the knee pad can provide.

4. Security and flexibility

Whether the knee pad can fit perfectly in place without slipping is really crucial since this can unexpectedly affect your performance in the most important moments. However, a flexible knee pad is also important as it will make it more comfortable for your movement during the game.

5. Ventilation

Unventilated knee pads can make it too hot for your knee area, resulting in discomfort during the game

6. Fit

Unfit knee pads can reduce the level of protection needed and therefore lead to unwanted injuries. Try the product on carefully before deciding on any purchase to make sure that you are fully protected.


For athletes, especially football players, knees are the most important yet easily hurt body parts. Therefore, choosing a proper knee pad is of paramount importance. We hope that this article is useful in helping you choose the best knee pad for your next game to protect yourself and boost your confidence on the field. Do not forget to share your choice with us in the comment section!

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