[TOP 10] Best Football Helmets Reviews In 2022

10 Best Football Helmets Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Are you looking for the Best Football Helmets for yourself? If yes, You should read our reviews for more information. Along with many other protective gears like mouthguards and faceguards, a football helmet is an indispensable gear for the highest level of safety on the football field.

Since many people are usually confused by the vast number of choices that they have when it comes to purchasing a football helmet, this product review is meant to help you – our amazing reader – to make the best choice to protect yourself on the field.

Top 10 best football helmets reviews 2022

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet

The Schutte Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet is among the best options available in the market right now, as it is a combination between comfort and design. With a rating of 5 stars on Amazon, it is definitely worth your money.

One of its best selling points is the ability to absorb any impact thanks to its TPU cushioning. In addition, its SureFit TPU air liner and single-layer TPU padding with dual compression also make it extra comfortable for wearers throughout their game day. All these features combined result in excellent protection from any frontal impact a player may have even in the most aggressive games in their career.

Although it does not come with a metallic construction preferred by most footballers, the helmet is designed for the faceguard to be easily removed or attached just by using the unique twist release system of the brand.


  • Great design and comfort
  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Easy and dynamic fit
  • Extra protection layer
  • Easy removal and attachment


Non-metallic construction

2. Riddell SpeedFlex Football Helmet

This football helmet from Riddell is an excellent choice for adult players. The helmet has received amazing reviews and ratings and we are sure it would be a good fit for your next purchase.

Thanks to its polycarbonate shell, the helmet boasts superb durability and sturdiness and therefore can effectively protect you from any side impact. In addition, its flex system also allows greater flexibility in both the helmet shell and its facemask and clip.

Another plus point is that you can have the helmet in any paint color, which help people to customize it to fit their team uniform. However, in some cases, wearers may have difficulty attaching its facemask.


  • Side impact force reduction
  • Great flexibility
  • High durability and sturdiness thanks to its polycarbonate shell
  • Ease of use


  • Occasional difficulty in attaching the facemask.

3. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Football Helmet

The Vengeance A3, another helmet from Schutt, is highly recommended for those in need of great comfort and high-quality protection.

The best thing about this helmet is that it is relatively lightweight thanks to the low-profile shell design, making it especially suitable for young players. In addition, the combination between black and green TPU materials also provide protection from both high and low blows, and its non-inflatable comfort liners also give wearers a more secure fit.

Although an accompanying facemask is not included in the price, the mechanically attached interlink jaw pads, soft cup and chin strap that come with the purchase surely make it worth the price.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Capable of resisting both high and low impact
  • Comfortable and soft
  • More secure fit guaranteed


Facemask not included in the price.

4. Schutt Sports AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Another excellent choice for maximized on-field performance from Schutt is the AiR Standard V Football Helmet, which is designed to fit the varying head sizes of young players.

The helmet is extra comfortable thanks to its upgraded padding, and the ABS plastic standoff shell creates a heavy-duty and durable feeling. Its pad liner and several breathable channels also boost the helmet’s breathability level, keeping your head cool throughout your game day.

As mentioned before, the helmet can be easily adjusted for better fit, and the PP foam padding right under the liner also helps absorb any impact. However, it can get scratched easily.


  • Adjustable to fit various head shapes
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to its upgraded padding
  • Integrated breathable channels
  • Lightweight and impact-absorbent


  • Prone to scratches

5. Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet

This is another impressive product from Schutt as it is high in quality and also highly rated in a specialized football helmet rating system, making it a worthwhile consideration.

The modern use of TPU cushioning and traditional and classic shell makes the helmet makes the helmet very lightweight. Besides, its air liner also results in a soft, pillow-like feeling. However, its on-field performance remains superior, and a faceguard can be easily fitted thanks to its twist release system.

The ability to customize the helmet’s size is also beneficial, which is possible thanks to the mechanically attached stable interlink jaw pads on the shell. However, a faceguard must be purchased separately.


  • Modern technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Guaranteed a soft and pillow-like feel
  • Customizable sizing
  • Absorbs low and high-impact velocity hits


  • Faceguard not included in the price

6. Schutt Sports 798004 Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet

This helmet from Schutt is ideal for youth league players with the numerous excellent features it boasts.

In terms of safety, the TPU cushioning in this helmet can maximize protection while ensuring a high level of comfort for better on-field performance. In addition, the use of D30 technology and the helmet’s large shell also help with absorbing impact of any form.

What’s more, this helmet is also available in a wide range of sizes and colors, making it easier for you to choose one that fits your preferences. The only drawback, like many of its counterparts of the same brand, is that you must buy the faceguard separately as it is not included in the price.


  • Great compatibility with young players
  • Incudes many safety features
  • Great comfort thanks to its TPU cushioning
  • Good impact-absorption
  • Available in many sizes and colors


  • Faceguard not included in the price

7. Riddell NFL Full-sized Replica Speed Football Helmet

The design of this replica helmet from Riddell is among the most popular. It is also reasonably priced, so it is a good choice for those looking for something similar to helmets worn by famous NFL players.

The most impressive thing about this helmet is the mirror-like chrome finish on top of the fact that you can choose to sport it with the official NFL logo of your favorite team. The helmet is also durable thanks to the heavy-duty materials used to make it, namely a steel polyvinyl coating and ABS painted plastic.

However, it is more meant to be used for decoration, and the stripe stickers tend to come off over time.


  • Almost authentic look
  • Durable and great for decorative purposes
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Aerodynamic shell


  • Stripe stickers prone to come off over time

8. Schutt NCAA Replica XP Football Helmet

Avid football collectors cannot overlook this helmet due to the range of over 120 team logos to choose from.

Aside from that, this replica is also among the most well-constructed with an amazing finish and eye-catching graphics. All in all, it looks exactly like one worn by real players, and you can use it as an affordable home and office decoration.

However, the interior of the helmet only features the jaw pads without any liners or pad set.


  • Almost authentic look
  • Durable and great for decorative purposes
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Aerodynamic shell


  • Stripe stickers prone to come off over time

9. Riddell NFL Speed Authentic Football Helmet

This full-sized, authentic football helmet can surely satisfy any football fan.

Although it is not meant to be used in real games, the unique shell design and the wide range of team decals and colors to choose from can undoubtedly satisfy your urge to show off with your friends and fellow fans.

Another impressive point about this football is that it features a large shell, which gives it an authentic and sturdy look. The purchase also comes with genuine internal padding and a great-looking facemask. However, there might be some air bubbles because the decals are not very well pressed.


  • Great for collecting
  • Authentic full-sized look
  • Unique shell design
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Available with various logos and team decals


  • Not well-pressed decals

10. Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet

Our last recommendation, the Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet, is an impressive one for young players with a shell design similar to that of helmets used by your favorite professional footballers.

The use of C3 customizable inflation liner and the rear inflation port for sizing gives this helmet a good fit on your head. In addition, its stainless-steel material also makes it much more durable, allowing you to wear it even in rainy weather.

The helmet can also withstand impact of all forms thanks to the shell made of ABS material. However, some still report occasional inaccuracies in sizing.


  • Customizable and adjustable for better fit
  • Weather-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Highly durable stainless steel
  • Shell design similar to those used by professional football players


  • Occasional sizing inaccuracies

What to consider before purchasing a football helmet?

Here are some criteria that you should not overlook when deciding on what helmet to buy.

1. Safety standards

Visit the manufacturer’s website to check if the helmet you are buying meet the required safety standards. This is very important as you are wearing a helmet to protect your own head.

2. Head size and shape

There three usual types of head size and shape that you should be aware of – the round oval, long oval and intermediate oval. Choosing the right one can make wearing a helmet all day more comfortable and improve your performance on the field.

3. Weight and fit

Since young players usually have smaller heads and necks, choosing the right helmet weight for them is especially vital as a wrong choice can lead to unwanted injuries. This is also important for adult players as their performance can be affected if the helmet is too heavy and does not fit well to their head.

4. Cushioning

Cushioning is also important in protecting your head and reducing any impact during the game. Try looking at reviews from previous customers to see if the helmet you are buying is good enough in this regard.

5. Air liner

This can offer great help in fitting the helmet to your head while keeping you safe. Sometimes, an inflatable air pocket can also be added for extra space between the padding, shell and your head.


Having a good quality helmet is a must for any football players since this contact sport can be dangerous without any protection. May this article help you to make the best decision. Do not forget to share your choice with us in the comment section!

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