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10 Best Football Girdle Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Do you want to buy The Best Football Girdle for yourself? If yes, you may check out our list for more details.

Protective gears are indispensable for any players wanting to pursue a career in intense contact sports like football. Among other protective pieces like helmets, mouthguards and gloves, football girdles are also extremely important as they can protect your lower body from any impact you may encounter on the field.

Being widely available on today’s market, football girdles be sometimes confusing to choose. This article aims to assist everyone, especially first-time buyers, in choosing the best girdles for their next game by suggesting some of the most amazing options for you to consider.

Top 10 Best Football Girdle Reviewed

1. FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad Girdle

These girdles are rated as one of the most comfortable pairs available on today’s market thanks to the incorporated Spandex fabric for better flexibility and comfort.

Wearing these girdles, you can forget about any excessive sweating or accumulated heat, as they come with the revolutionary DRI-GEAR technology that excels in moisture absorption. In addition, you can also enjoy the comfortable padding brought by the TRI-FLEX cushion system of these girdles, protecting you all day long by absorbing any impact you may encounter on the field.

Despite all those amazing features, these girdles are very affordably priced, making it a worthwhile investment for any player.

Pros: – Comfortable and stylish – Excellent padding – Affordably priced – Conforming to your body shape Cons: – Not very durable


2. CHAMPRO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad Girdle

These adult girdles from CHAMPRO are highly breathable thanks to the quality polyester material they feature, keeping you cool and dry even in hot weather conditions.

In addition, these sturdy girdles are also designed to naturally conform to your body shape, and the relatively thick Tri-Flex padding also contributes to the level of protection provided even without a pocket cup.

Although this pair is a bit pricier than our previous pick, the high-quality material and the great many amazing features these girdles have more than compensate for that.

Pros: – Durable and comfortable – Reasonably priced – Conforming to your body shape Cons: – No pocket cup included

3. McDavid Hex Integrated Football Girdle

The McDavid Hex Integrated Football Girdle is a famous choice for its comfort, hexagonal design and material combination of polyester and spandex, making it less bulky than other products of the same type.

Besides, the girdles can stay cool and dry throughout thanks to the McDavid’s hDc moisture management system. In addition, its ability to conform to your body shape also makes it more comfortable to put on, and the stylish pads adds greatly to the girdles’ attractiveness.

Although the product might be a bit pricy, it is totally worth the expense thanks to the benefits it can bring about for the wearers.

Pros: – Stylish and comfortable – Lightweight – Unique hexagonal pattern – Highly durable Cons: – Expensive

4. McDavid Rival Pro 5-Pad Football Girdle Pants

These pair of girdles are among our top picks thanks to its comfortable yet durable nylon and spandex construction.

Like our previous choice, this McDavid pair of girdles also features hDc moisture management technology, keeping you cool and dry throughout your gaming session. Thanks to this technology, any moisture and abrasions can be easily got rid of. Besides, these machine-washable girdles also feature some unique pattern design, allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted by bulky padding like in other products.

The best thing about these girdles is that they are more affordably priced than our previous pick, making them highly popular among both youth and adult footballers.

Pros: – Highly durable – Stylishly designed – Reasonably priced Cons: – No real cons

5. Nike Men’s Pro Hyperstrong Padded Football Shorts

These Pro Hyperstrong Padded Football Shorts from Nike are another excellent choice for professional players thanks to its reliable durability facilitated by its 100% polyester material.

The strategically positioned pads using HyperStrong technology in these girdles are a great selling point, protecting you from any impact you may have during the game by directing such impact to the pads. Besides, these girdles are also highly breathable thanks to the moisture wicking technology incorporated thereto by the brand.

With all the amazing features mentioned above, the girdles are quite expensive. However, they are still highly recommended for professional players looking for some reliable protection on the field.

Pros: – Highly durable – Stylishly designed – Highly breathable – Really comfortable Cons: – Expensive

6. Nike Pro Hyperstrong Hardplate Fitted Boys’ Football Shorts

This is another pair of football girdles from Nike with excellent moisture absorbent cotton and amazing Dir-Fit technology for better breathability.

These girdles are incredibly lightweight thanks to the foam padding, minimizing any fatigue-inducing excessive weight normal girdles may have. In addition, the girdles’ breathability is further enhanced by their mesh panels, and you do not have to worry about rashes while wearing them thanks to the flat seams.

Besides, this stylish pair of girdles can suit players of all ages and sizes. The only downside is that the girdles can be a bit more expensive than products of other brands.

Pros: – High durability and comfortable fit – Cool design – Abrasion resistance – Good ventilation Cons: – Expensive

7. Cramer Thunder 7 Pad Football Girdle

These modern girdles come with 7 integrated pads for extra protection. Besides, the combination of spandex and nylon as materials also enhances the product’s durability and comfort levels, which are one of the most important selling points when it comes to football protective gears.

Wearing these girdles, your lower body muscles can be fully protected from any injuries thanks to the additional plastic padding. Although this may be a bit bulky for those with a smaller build, the level of protection offered by these pads are extremely helpful.

The excellent ventilation also prevents excessive heat accumulation and sweating throughout your game. Since these girdles are available in various sizes at an affordable price, they surely are a worthwhile investment that should not be overlooked.

Pros: – Highly durable – Available with 7 protective pads – Well ventilated – Reasonably priced Cons: – A bit bulky for those with a small build

8. Cramer Classic 5-Pad Football Girdle

This 5-pad design is relatively compact compared to our previous pick with 7 pads, but the same top-notch materials of polyester and spandex combined with the flat seams incorporated in it surely render this product one of the best on today’s market.

Wearers can tremendously benefit from these girdles thanks to the impact-resistant property facilitated by the EVA padding, which is also capable of spreading out impact and minimizing the risk of injury.  In addition, its breathability has also been tested and proved, allowing you to stay dry and cool throughout

Although this product may not suit those with a smaller build and the 5-pad design may not be as sturdy as the 7-pad one, the rigid design that it features will surely makes it more comfortable for younger players to wear.

Pros: – Comfortable and stylish design – Affordable price – EVA foam for padding Cons: – Lacks some ventilation

9. Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Girdle

These girdles from Under Armour are extremely lightweight, breathable and comfortable thanks to the unique fibers and HeatGear technology incorporated in them.

The most impressive thing is the level of comfort these shape-conforming girdles offer thanks to their 4-way stretch materials. Besides, the pair also features durable and shock-absorbent padding, which is extremely essential for players of such an intense contact sport like football.

In addition to this, since the girdles only feature 5 pads, it is not as bulky as other products with a 7-pad design. Another great point is that these stylish pads can also be used in other sports aside from football, making the girdles a worthwhile, affordable investment.

Pros: – Durable and versatile – Lightweight – Available with excellent padding – Really affordable Cons: – No real cons

10. Nike Pro Mens Hyperstrong Core Football Short

The last recommendation in our list is the Nike Pro Mens Hyperstrong Core Football Short, which is a worthwhile investment thanks to its durable construction and stylish and ergonomic design.

In addition to the protection from shock and impact brought about by the strategically positioned padding, you will find the additional support this product offers extremely useful, especially on long and exhausting game days. Besides, the abrasion-resistant flat seams and antimicrobial properties of this product are also among its attractive selling points.

Like any other Nike products, this comes at a rather expensive price, but this well-ventilated pair of girdles is truly worth the expense judging from the many advantages it can offer.

Pros: – Durable and abrasion-resistant – Conforming to your body shape – Well-ventilated Cons: – Rather expensive

Criteria to consider before purchasing a football girdle

No matter what options you decide on, there are some features of a football girdle that you should not overlook. Have a look at the following criteria to help you make the best selection for yourself.

1. Materials

Like in any other football protective gears, materials are an important consideration when it comes to choosing a football girdle to buy. The most common are polyester and nylon, but cotton is also a great choice for those looking for a girdle that is both comfortable and durable. Some girdles can also feature spandex for better stretching.

2. Seams

For those of you who do not know about the importance of this criterion, flat seams are incredibly important in reducing the risk of abrasions.

3. Moisture management and ventilation

Moisture-wicking materials should also be taken into account as it will prevent you from excessive sweating and keep you cool and dry throughout the game. This will also help hinder the growth of bacteria in your girdles, making it more durable and long-lasting.

4. Padding

This is among the most vital parts of your girdles as it determines the level of protection you can enjoy on the field. EVA padding is an excellent choice as it offers great shock absorption without making the girdles too bulky to wear.

5. Sizing

An ergonomic design that offers a great fit should be your top priority since your movements and performance will be directly affected if your girdles do not fit you properly.


All in all, our top 10 products must have been enough for first-time buyers to get a rough idea of what girdles they should choose for their next football games. Each and every one of them are highly recommended for the great many features they offer. Do not forget to share your choice with us in the comment section!

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