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9 Best Football Facemasks Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

You want to buy the Best Football Facemasks for yourself. If yes, you have come to the right place. Here we provide the Best Football Facemasks with full reviews, tips, and guides. Let’s have a look at our best collection to make the right choice and decision! 

Despite its exciting nature which appeals to millions of fans and players around the world, football, like any other sports, has its own hidden risks to its players. Because of this, it is obvious that an investment in protective gears is a must to ensure safety on the field.

As a response to such safety demands, a wide range of football facemasks have been introduced to the market to effectively protect your face without making any unwanted interference with your performance or visibility on the field.

The use of football facemasks is popular even among the most seasoned footballers to safeguard their teeth and facial bones. The protection offered by this type of gear is possible thanks to its metal structure and covering layers of plastic or soft rubber. Facemasks made of carbon steel and protective coating are also readily available on the market, and they can also be tailored to meet the widely differing needs of the wearers. If you are having a hard time choosing one, take a look at this carefully compiled list of the 9 best football facemasks currently available on the market.

The Top 9 Best Football Facemasks in 2022 – Reviews

1. Schutt Sports Youth VROPO DW YF Vengeance Football Faceguard

If you are looking for a quality carbon steel football faceguard, this one of Schutt is the one for you. Its high performance and durability standards can put both footballers and their family or coaches at ease.

To be specific, thanks to its specially designed double-wire bar, the areas around the nose and eyes are fully protected. In addition, its carbon steel structure can also offer protection from any impact during the game without interfering with the wearer’s vision, allowing any players at any positions to use this mask to protect themselves, from strikers to quarterbacks.

All in all, despite a negligible downside of being somewhat heavier than other facemasks, this Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance Football Faceguard can greatly enhance football players’ performance and confidence thanks to the improved visibility brought by its extended brow design. With a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, it is definitely worth your money.


2. Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity Facemask

This DNA ROPO (reinforced oral protection only) UB facemask is among the most impressive on the market. It is the best choice for those on a bit of a budget yet still in need of a tough, durable and reliable faceguard.

Just like our first pick, this facemask is also made of carbon steel, offering complete protection during even the most aggressive games. In addition, a new technology utilized in its design and a built-in attachment hardware allow the facemask and your helmet to be easily attached, which proves tremendously economical on time.

In short, with its affordable price, durability and ease of attachment are why it is highly recommended and rated 5 stars on Amazon. Although it is still a bit heavier than facemasks made of titanium or stainless steel, we believe it is still one of the best choices.

3. Schutt Sports Youth VEGOP II YF Vengeance Football Faceguard

This popular faceguard has a strong design and is also meant to provide complete protection for your face. Like our top 2 picks, this mask is also constructed out of carbon steel, making it both affordable and reliable.

The best thing about this product is that it comes in 13 different colors, allowing wearers to choose the best one to their liking. Thanks to this, players at various positions can rely on it for protection while maintaining a good look throughout the game.

In addition, it is also specially designed for ease of helmet attachment, creating greater flexibility for taking off and putting on alike. Although it also weighs relatively heavy since it is made of the same material as the two facemasks above, the Schutt Sports Youth VEGOP II YF remains an excellent choice due to its superior quality and affordable price.

4. Schutt Varsity VROPO DW STG Facemask

All of the Schutt facemasks included in our top list are made of carbon steel, and this one is obviously not an exception.

Thanks to its 17-bar configuration which minimize the chance for other players’ fingers to grab your face, this Schutt Varsity VROPO DW STG Facemask is an ideal choice for players at several positions, including offensive and defensive linemen, fullbacks and linebackers.

Furthermore, its extended brow design also offers better security and visibility and guarantees to lessen any frontal impacts during the game. Despite its only downside of being not entirely suitable for youth football players, it remains a worthwhile choice with its strong look and distinctive design, which is similar to those used by several NFL’s top defensive players.

5. Green Gridiron Riddell SpeedFlex SF-2EG-SW Facemask

The Green Gridiron Riddel Speed is the 5th one that we recommend. This is in fact a tailor-made facemask based on the very design that Marcus Mariota have been using from the start of the 2016 season.

Unlike our top 4 choices which are made of carbon steel, this mask is 20% more lightweight thanks to the fact that it utilizes a stainless-steel wire, hence a thinner gauge and better visibility. Therefore, it is ideal for those holding skill positions like the running back, quarterback and wide receiver. However, it is relatively pricy and the much-needed quick-release hardware kit is not included in the price.

6. Riddell SpeedFlex SF-2BD Facemask

Another Riddell facemask in this list is the SpeedFlex SF-2BD, which is also made of stainless steel. Thanks to its lightweight material, it is favored by most skill players, but it works for players of other positions just as well.

Albeit a bit challenging to put on due to its thickness, the facemask provides its wearers with great protection and surely a boost to their vision. In addition, it is also highly compatible with the brand’s new SpeedFlex helmet, so it is a must for Flex helmet lovers.

The SpeedFlex SF-2BD Facemask is also well-known for its durability and solid build, and players of all ages can freely wear it for facial protection.

7. Xenith Prime Football Facemask

This facemask is highly advisable for football players seeking an open mask for greater on-field vision, and its carbon steel material is also one of its best selling point.

In fact, its solid build offers great durability, protecting players from all sorts of frontal impact. In addition, the coating of polyethylene powder on the facemask can substantially enhance its durability, ensuring better performance at an affordable price.

In terms of assembly, a straight-forward installation instruction and necessary hardware are all included in the price. However, the only downside is that it can only be used with products of the same brand, so it is nearly impossible for you to attach this facemask to helmets of other brands without using the Xenith facemask clips.

8. Xenith XRS21 Football Facemask

The second facemask from Xenith is also a carbon steel one with a corrosion-resistant coating of nylon powder, hence greater durability and strong protection for its wearer and capability of withstanding tough use throughout your game day.

The best selling point of this product is versatility, ensuring suitability for players at all positions; however, like our fifth choice, it is especially ideal for skill players. Additionally, it also offers excellent vision, facilitating better performance while ensuring protection of the face.

The facemask is also available in many different colors for you to choose from. However, like our previous pick, this helmet also exclusively requires helmets and attachment clips from Xenith and therefore cannot be used with products from other brands.

9. Rawlings Youth EG Facemask

You have made it! The last recommendation in our list is the Rawlings Youth EG Facemask. Like its counterparts, this facemask is also made of carbon steel, which brings about a tough and durable feeling that can be instantly noticed.

The overall design of this facemask is also quite unique with a double wire to effectively safeguard your eyes and nose. Due to its versatility, players in both offensive and defensive positions can utilize it for protection.

Another competitive advantage that this product boats is its wide range of colors to choose from, allowing players to pick matching facemasks to their team uniform or simply one that suits their personal taste. Although the required installation hardware is not included in the price, the facemask also comes with an extra-thick coating, resulting in considerably enhanced durability yet remaining not too heavy.


All in all, materials, intended purpose, your position on the field and special features are what you should consider. We hope that the list provided can help you in choosing the best football facemask. Do not hesitate to share your choice with us.

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