[TOP 10] Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers Reviews In 2022

10 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

If you are still stuck with your decision on how to get the best football cleats for wide receivers, you should read our specific reviews. To play well in this position, you should have enough skills and support. The cleat can offer you the highest level of support so that you can perform well in your location. Using the right cleat, you can boost your performance at a maximum of capacity. Therefore, your team may have a chance to win the game.

In other words, you can also enjoy your whole time while playing football in the field. However, you should note that lots of football cleats are being sold on the market today, so it can be a tough task for you to get the best one. To help you with the best choice, we give you the range of best football cleats. Reading our given reviews and details, you can narrow your choice quickly. From there, you can come up with the best football cleats for wide feet and wide receivers easily and quickly.

Below is the list of top 10 football cleats for wide receivers that you can consider as one of your best choices. These best cleats are designed especially for wide receivers to give players the best boost for performance during the match. Narrowing your choice, you can choose the right cleats that can fit your needs and demands easily.

These reviews provide you the best factors for wise considerations on choice. Now it is your turn to make and decide by reading the basic knowledge of how to choose the best cleats.

Top 10 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers Reviews in 2022

Finding the best football cleats for wide receivers plays an important role in enhancing the performance and durability of the players. Moreover, it helps maintain your eagerness to play the game. With so many choices on the market, it is challenging to find the best one. And the solution to this lies right in this article.

1. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable 3 Elite Football Cleat

Made from completely synthetic material, the cleat also has a synthetic sole. This is the reason why it is much easier to be used. Besides, thanks to its lightweights, it is very mobile.

Another remarkable point is that the cleat has Dri-FIT UV Fabric, which protects the player from UV rays and keeps him dry. With its design, you can move forward, hence flexibility improvement. Since its outsole has some carbon fiber inside, the shoe gives the player better propulsion.

On top of that, due to the built-in tongue of the cleat, the player who has wide feet can have a customized fit, which undoubtedly gives him support and comfort.


  • Proud of unique and special traction pattern
  • Its design guarantees that you can stay dry and comfortable in the game
  • Perfect for those who have wide feet
  • Assures lightweight mobility
  • Suitable for tight feet


  • Insufficient ventilation and breathability


2. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Cleat

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Cleat is a perfect shoe for all football players, especially for wide receivers thanks to its outstanding features. To begin with, it is made of synthetic material; it is strongly recommended for wide receivers who yearn for nothing but the ability to dominate the field.

This Under Armour cleat is also equipped with ClutchFit upper, which gives the user the comfort. Once you break the cleat in, your feet are comfortably wrapped by the upper. This is also the hidden secret of the product.

Besides, the cleat is exceptionally lightweight, so it ensures the player moves around the field without difficulty, and even your foot’s contours can be followed naturally.

One more remarkable feature of this beautiful cleat is that it has a 3D-molded MPZ tongue, which means it gives the player extra protection and a higher level of flexibility.


  • Excellent support
  • Lightweight structure enables the player to move comfortably
  • Extra protection thanks to 3D-molded MPZ tongue
  • Better flexibility
  • Ensures maximum speed


  • Takes quite a while to break-in


3. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Mid Cleat – Men’s Football

Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Mid Cleat – Men’s Football is perfect for those who would like to raise their performance to a more professional level due to some unique features. First of all, it’s specially designed upper provides you with lightweight and comfortable fit and thus adequate support. Moreover, thanks to the unique way in which the cleat was produced, the player can comfortably play as long as the entire quarters.

Besides, with its unique LOCK WEB and the carbon frame plate, the player can have better stability. The cleat also gives you multidirectional support and outstanding acceleration. Another plus is breathability, something you cannot find easily from other ordinary cleats.

Finally, the cleat has its one-of-a-kind lacing system, meaning you can have the correct tightness and fit by giving the actual size of your foot. Not only does it resist abrasion, but it also reduces the risk of you having toe-drag injuries.


  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Sufficient support for the game
  • The special carbon frame plate and studded layout for extraordinary stability
  • Features lightweight mesh lining, improving breathability
  • Lock your feet in the right position


  • Look unfashionable


 4. Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoe is another excellent cleat that is highly recommended. Not only does it give you the optimal support, but it also guarantees lightweight fit thanks to the combination of textile collar and synthetic upper in the cleat. Besides, this Highlight RM Football Cleat provides ultimate stability due to the high performance of the external TPU ankle cage.

The cleat’s ventilation is enhanced with the open-holed tongue that is made of mesh. Moreover, the highlight of the cleat is its complete flexibility with the support of the extended eye-row cutouts. Die-cut EVA material ensures the sock-liner of the cleat gives you comfort and durability. Also, no matter what kind of surface you use the cleat, you can still find the traction aggressive and superb.

This rubber-molded cleat gives the player a feeling of comfort and lightweight. Wide-foot players should not feel worried since the cleat fits them, especially well.

However, the limited color options of this product are the only thing some buyers feel unhappy with.


  • Has strong and optimal support while maintaining its lightweight
  • Provides ultimate stability
  • Enhanced ventilation and flexibility
  • Aggressive and superb traction
  • Ideal for wide receivers


  • Limited color options compared to the other football cleats


5. NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro Mesh Plastic Football Cleat

Vapor Untouchable Pro Mesh Plastic Football Cleat proves that Nike is always one of the most trustworthy brands. This cleat is ideal for skill positions, and since its skin is made of synthetic and mesh materials, you will find it extremely lightweight. This is also the reason why this cleat has good breathability, hence support.

The mid-foot Flywire cables that are manufactured in the product enable wearers to enjoy the cleat’s lock-down fit. Besides, your ankle is perfectly wrapped around by a fit as soft as a sock with the support of an inner sleeve. While the cleat helps stabilize the player’s feet, its flexibility is still maintained throughout the game.

Another benefit of this cleat is the carbon fiber plate, which improves acceleration. The ultimate traction due to the one-of-a-kind design should not be underestimated. Overall, this cleat is such a competitive product on the market because it is well functional as well as beautiful.


  • Good for skill positions
  • Guarantees an extremely lightweight fit
  • Superb breathability and comfort
  • Provides good support level
  • Wearers’ feet can be stabilized while flexibility is maintained


  • Low-quality packaging


6. Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Cleat

Adidas Adizero 5-star 7.0 Football Cleat is among the greatest Adidas products. Lightweightness is the key point of the cleat, making it possible to have a speed that cannot be stopped.

The wide range of colors is also something that buyers should take into account. Moreover, no matter how the weather is, the player still has an optimal grip. The brand gives priority to comfort, which is worth noticing. The cleat’s well-padded collar tongue and foam insole provide you with the most exceptional pleasure. This also means that the likelihood of getting blisters is very low.

Speed improvement is another key feature of the cleat. Thanks to its lightweight synthetic material, the cleat can give you the highest speed. Since it has a flexible upper, you can adjust the top as you wish. Finally, the durability of the cleat should not be underestimated. However, It takes quite a while to break the cleat in.


  • Enhances your speed thanks to lightweight
  • Comfort is prioritized
  • Blisters can be prevented with the support of soft fabric lining
  • The upper is flexible
  • High durability and good grip


  • Takes a while to break-in


7. Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats is another Nike product designed for wide receivers. It has so many remarkable advantages for wearers. To begin with, its traction is shockingly impressive due to its TPU outsole. This cleat also gives you the optimal support of your ankle, especially in terms of lateral cuts thanks to its three-quarter collar.

Outstanding lockdown is also a critical feature that proves this product is worth buying. Its traction makes it possible for you to enhance your performance on the field. With its proper fit, you do not have to worry about comfort level. Whether you intend to use it for practicing or playing in actual games, the cleat undoubtedly provides you with the ultimate comfort. Finally, the cleat is sold at a very competitive price compared to other products in the same range.

One minor issue that should be taken into account is you may get hurt when you first wear it. This issue can be easily solved by wearing it regularly after buying it. By doing so, your feet can gradually get used to the cleat.


  • Provides you with an impressive traction
  • Supports your ankle greatly
  • A wonderful lockdown thanks to the fact that it cinches you up
  • Competitive price
  • Ultimate comfort and quality


  • You may get hurt when breaking the cleat in


8. NIKE Mens Alpha Pro 2 Football Cleats

As a well-known brand, Nike never disappoints you, especially when it comes to this excellent cleat – Alpha Pro 2 Football Cleat. Made of synthetic and leather material, the cleat proves itself a competitive product on the market.

With its overall construction, the cleat is expected to give wearers the optimal level of comfort. Besides, the cleat is designed with a very high level of durability, so you do not have to worry about how long it can last. Working well on the field is another plus. Since the cleat is superbly lightweight, your speed can be improved at the maximum, meaning that your performance will be significantly boosted.

Its lockdown is exceptional. Thanks to Fly-wire technology, the cleat provides you with the highest support while ensuring you have the best mobility. Another remarkable advantage is its ability to protect the player. With its Phylon midsole, the product makes you feel supported at your mid feet. It also helps improve your responsiveness on the field while ensuring the ultimate comfort. It may take a while to get used to the cleat when you break the shoe in, yet the uncomfortable feeling will soon disappear.


  • Made of synthetic and leather material, hence durability and comfort
  • Supports unlimited movements
  • User-friendly and superbly lightweight
  • Optimal protection
  • Enhances your responsiveness


  • Initially, you may find it a little uncomfortable


9. Adidas Men’s Freak Ultra Football Cleat

One football cleat that should be listed in this article is Freak Ultra Football Cleat made by Adidas. At first sight, it is super lightweight. However, not only is it lightweight worth mentioning, its construction is high quality and strong. This means it can be used for a very long time.

The cleat’s SPRINT SKIN upper is also a strength. Thanks to this, the players can have the support they need. Moreover, your performance can be enhanced due to its incredible traction strengthened by its TPU fly-plate outsole.

The cleat can also absorb impact because its insole is molded. This is a really big plus, especially when you burst towards the end zone. The heel cup of the cleat is something exciting since it locks your feet effectively. Optimal comfort is another advantage of the cleat. High breathability and durability can be provided just when you break the cleat in.


  • Extremely lightweight while durability is retained
  • Supports you without being bulky
  • High comfort
  • Made of mesh lining, hence breathability
  • The impact can be easily absorbed


  • You may find it loose on the ankle part


10. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat Black/White/Metallic Silver/Anthracite Size 9 M US

Here comes the final product on the list: Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat. Staying at the last position of the article does not mean the cleat is the least important. On the contrary, it is one of the most comfortable cleats available on the market.

Firstly, thanks to its synthetic and lightweight upper, it can provide you with a more durable and more comfortable fit in the game. The cleat’s lockdown and secure fit are worth mentioning with its built-in ankle strap.

When it comes to traction, the cleat provides the player with the support he needs thanks to its raptor cleat, which can be found at the heel. Moreover, you can also feel a high level of acceleration and flexibility when wearing it. This is because the arch beam propulsion technology is applied. Concerning breathability, comfort, and fit, this cleat will surely not disappoint you. Its high level of breathability is provided via mesh and neoprene materials.

Finally, the cleat’s cushioning should not be overlooked since it gives wearers optimal support and the feeling of better responsiveness. The only downside of the product is its durability.


  • High level of comfort and lightweight
  • Offers a supportive and robust fit throughout the game
  • Very flexible
  • Excellent level of traction, especially when it comes to changing directions on the field
  • High level of breathability


  • Low level of durability


What should you consider when it comes to buying a football cleat for wide receivers?

For those who have wide feet or play at the full receiver position, they must find the cleat that can best fit them so that you can have the best performance. Here are some factors when it comes to choosing the suitable cleat

Materials: In general, leather or synthetic material constructed in the upper part plays a vital role in giving you a sense of softness. Nevertheless, if you plan to buy a cleat for wide receivers, kangaroo leather is a preferable option. Also, it is best if the material can mold naturally to your feet.

Sizing: Since brands and manufacturers are very different when it comes to models and sizes, choosing the right cleat can sometimes be challenging. It is recommended that you spend time finding the size of your choice and ensuring that the size you want fits you. Besides, you should also check if the company has return policies, for there is a likelihood that the size of the cleat fails to meet you, and you have to return the product.

Upper: The upper of a cleat is considered the crucial part. In general, a high can be constructed by many different materials including leather, which is conventionally used for football cleats and synthetic material. While a leather top offers you the comfort and durability, and upper constructed by synthetic material gives you the feeling of lightweights.

Soleplate: A soleplate is the hard component of a cleat, which is beneath your feet. Generally, a narrower soleplate provides you with better speed, yet it might cause some problems with stability. Therefore, make sure you choose the right soleplate, which is small enough to enhance your speed but does not cause you to feel less stable.


It is not hard to buy the best football cleats for wide receivers if you have the necessary knowledge. Looking for getting the right one can be tranquil when you come with our reviews, tips, and guides. By reading our given details, you will be able to come up with the best football cleats for wide receivers.

For wide receivers and those who have wide feet, choosing the right cleat is very important since it determines whether they can perform the best or not. Therefore, we hope you will find this article useful and be able to buy the cleat that fits you well. It is your turn to make a choice and decision. Enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices. Turn your performance into the next level of success now!

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