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10 Best Football Back Plates Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Do you want to buy the Best Football Back Plates for yourself? If yes, you should read our reviews for more details.

Like you all know, football is among the most physically demanding sports, and accidents are very likely to happen which can lead to serious injuries to its players. Therefore, protective gears, especially a football back plate, is an indispensable part as it can provide proper protection and boost your confidence as well as on-field performance.

However, like any other products, it can be confusing for first-time buyers to choose from the vast range of back plates available on the market. Here are the top 10 back plates that you should consider as they are among the best products that you can ever find.

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Top Best Football Back Plates Reviews

1. Battle Football Back Plate

This is among the best back plates for football players that you can find on the market today. Using a high-impact foam interior, this back plate can really have you back. In addition, the sturdy attachment straps included can surely keep the plate in place throughout your game.

Another impressive point about this back plate is its sleek and curved design, guaranteeing to minimize any impact you may have and effectively protect your back. It is still very comfortable to wear, and it is also a good fit for both young and adult players. However, it may be a bit hard for you to attach a shoulder pad to it.


  • Universal fit for players of all ages
  • High-impact foam interior
  • Great impact dispersion thanks to its sleek and curved design
  • Comfortable and protective


  • A bit hard to attach


2. Schutt Sports Neon Football Back Plate

This back plate from Schutt is an ideal combination of both quality and strength as it can protect you from impact of any sorts during even the toughest games.

Its corrugated plate design is one contributing factor to its excellent strength and durability. Despite its sturdiness, wearers can still find it comfortable to wear thanks to its heavy padded structure and a weight of only around 16 ounces. In addition, the back plate is also well ventilated with several 5-mm vent holes.

Furthermore, this back plate also excels in terms of easy attachment and removal, and the fact that it fits most varsity players and shoulder pads (thanks to the included crews for attachment) is also a great selling point. However, the sizes available are very limited, which is a shortcoming for this amazing product.


  • Rugged design capable of withstanding impact and pressure
  • Raised corrugated design for durability and strength
  • Great energy dispersal
  • Several ventilating holes


  • Limited choice in terms of sizing

3. Schutt Sports Air Maxx Football Back Plate

With an overall rating of 5 stars on Amazon, this is Schutt back plate definitely a worthwhile investment.

This back plate has an impressive corrugated design and super-absorbent padding that can offer maximal on-field protection. In addition, this 12-ounce back plate comes with a air dispersal system that can keep you dry and comfortable all the time.

Besides, you will also be glad to find that this back plate can be sued with most shoulder pads of other brands, and it also comes in many different colors to choose from. The only drawback is that it might be too large for players with a small built, especially young players.


  • Maximal protection thanks to its corrugated design
  • Sturdy and rugged, making it ideal for varsity use
  • Super-absorbent block padding
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Available in many colors


  • A bit too large for players with a small built

4. Schutt Sports Varsity Football Back Plate

With its bright, eye-catching range of colors, this back plate from Schutt is definitely unique and can greatly contribute to your presence on the field.

The quality materials used in this back plate is one of the most satisfying things about it, allowing it to protect your blind spots while ensuring the best level of comfort thanks to its inner cushioning. In addition, any hits and impact during the game can be effectively withstood thanks to its corrugated exterior, and the ventilation it provides also makes it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

As the back plate is available in many different colors, you can choose on that best suits your personal taste or one matching your team uniform. However, like our third pick, the back plate does not come in many sizes for you to choose from.


  • Bright, eye-catching color range for better on-field visibility
  • Excellent blindside area protection
  • Comfortable interior cushioning and ventilation
  • Ability to withstand all hits and impact


  • Limited choice in terms of sizing

5. Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate

This Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate can provide the highest level of protection for youth players in combination with a quality rib protector thanks to its high-density EVA foam construction. This material can also facilitate better breathability, preventing excessive sweating for its wearers and making it more comfortable to wear.

In addition, its comfy fabric, straps and corrugated back all contribute to better protection for your body, which can be further enhanced due to its high compatibility with any youth shoulder pads. Besides, as this back plate is available in a bright color, making its wearer more visible on the field.

However, varsity players may find it unsuitable for them since this back plate is more meant for youth players.


  • Ultimate protection thanks to its raised, corrugated back
  • Compatibility with all youth shoulder pads
  • Bright colors for better visibility
  • EVA foam construction for better breathability
  • Comfy straps and fabric


  • Not that suitable for varsity players

6. Schutt 79922100 Sports Youth Football Back Plate

This Schutt 79922100 Sports Youth Football Back Plate can surely be of great benefit for any youth football players as it can effectively protect them from any impact and pressure they may have during the game.

In addition, it is also easy to attach any youth shoulder pads to this back plate, and the well-ventilated EVA foam and highly breathable fabric both contributes to the amazing level of comfort for its wearer. What’s more, you can find all the installation screws and hardware included in the purchase, which proves extremely convenient. Although it is reported that these screws may come off easily, the overall performance of this back plate remains unhindered.


  • Great protection from any pressure and impact
  • Compatibility with all youth shoulder pads
  • Breathable fabric and EVA foam
  • Easy installation and attachment
  • Attachment screws and hardware included in the price


  • Provided screws prone to coming off
7. Douglas Custom Pro CP Series Football Back Plate

Judging from its reputable manufacturer, this back plate is surely guaranteed to provide you with effective and professional back protection. In fact, it is durable enough to protect you from any impact to your blind spots, safeguarding both your back, kidneys and spine.

In addition, the built-in grommets also allow the position of the back plate to be easily adjusted, and wearers can also enjoy great comfort and durability with its sturdy padding and hard shell.

What’s more, this protective gear also comes in numerous color choices for you to choose from. However, washing or cleaning this back plate can be quite time-consuming.


  • Professional-level lower back protection
  • Ability to withstand harsh impact and strong pressure
  • Wide color range to choose from
  • Freedom to adjust its height thanks to the grommets
  • Sturdy yet comfortable padding


  • Time-consuming in terms of cleaning

8. ADAMS USA Youth Football Back Plate

This product from another renowned brand across the U.S. has excellent performance and quality. Since it is also compatible with all shoulder pads of the same brand, frequent ADAMS USA customers will find this extremely convenient.

With a weight of only 5 ounces, this back plate is much lighter than most of its counterparts, minimizing its pressure on the wearer’s shoulders. Thanks to this, you can move more freely and perform better on the field. In addition, the back plate can be easily adjusted even after it is attached to shoulder pads, making it possible to perfectly fit your body.

However, it may be too tight for those with a big body built.


  • Lightweight
  • only 3.5 ounces
  • Little pressure on shoulders and back
  • Suitable for youth football players
  • Easy to attach and well-cushioned
  • Adjustable even after attached to shoulder pads


  • Not suitable for those with a larger body built

9. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Football Back Plate

Another product worth recommending is the Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Football Back Plate, which features an efficient moisture transfer system for better air circulation. In addition, a 3-D flow system incorporated in this also contributes to better comfort and sweat evaporating speed.

Besides, the back plate is very lightweight thanks to its reinforced vented plastic interior, and its height can also be easily adjusted thanks to the built-in attachments and adjustable straps for better comfort.

However, you cannot use this back plate with shoulder pads from other brands as it is designed exclusively for products from Pro-Tec.


  • Good air circulation and ventilation
  • 3-D flow system allowing sweat and moisture to evaporate quickly
  • Reinforced vented plastic interior
  • Comfortable adjustable straps


  • Incompatible with shoulder pads from other brands

10. Gear Pro-Tec RAZOR Football Back Plate

The last item that we recommend is an excellent back plate from RAZOR.

This product excels in terms of impact absorption thanks to the HEX foam side panels and SAS TEC foam, which together provide complete protection for your spine and lower back. In addition, the corrugated back plate also greatly strengthens the back plate, making it sturdier against any impact you may have during the game.

Another plus point is that all the T-nuts and attachments needed for the shoulder pads to be attached are already included in the price, which proves extremely convenient for buyers. However, its small size may not fit those with a larger build.


  • Superb quality and performance ensured by its reputable brand
  • Excellent spine and back protection
  • Corrugated exterior for added strength
  • High durability


  • Might not fit those with a larger build

Criteria to consider when choosing a football back plate

Have a look at these important criteria for a better insight before deciding on a back plate to buy.

1. Size and function

Like any other protective gears, back plates also come in various sizes for different purposes. It is best to have thorough look at the product description in advance.

2. Weight

This is an important thing to take into consideration because your performance can be affected if the back plate is too heavy. Try finding something lightweight enough for even a kid to wear to make sure your movements remain unhindered.

3. Durability and strength

Whether you can be protected from on-field impact completely depends on the sturdiness of your football the sturdiness of your football back plate. Avoid any back plates that are too flimsy because they can easily break after just a few hits.

4. Comfort

Comfortable back plates can greatly boost your performance. These include back plates with proper ventilation to help prevent excessive heat and sweating, keeping your dry and cool throughout your game.


All in all, a football back plate is incredibly essential for any football players, and the information provided in this article can be of great help for you in choosing the best one. Do not hesitate to share your decision with us in the comment section!

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