[TOP 8] Best Badminton Towel Grips Reviews In 2022

8 Best Badminton Towel Grips Reviews, Tips & Guides

Selecting the right badminton grip for you is only the first step in enhancing your playing experience. Isn’t it? If so, then towel grips are the obvious option for you.
Badminton is a sport that you have to play with force and technique, therefore, a racket with best badminton grip is a must-have for each player. So we have rounded up the best towel grips which will help you to play with grace on the badminton field. So go through this best review towel grip and pick the best towel grip for you which will meet your requirement. So go through this expert rating and reviews guide.

Towel grips are usually made of cotton or polyester. Cotton is an excellent material for absorbing sweat. Badminton racket grips are an important addition to your racket. Make sure that your racket feels comfortable in your hand to allow you to play the shots required in any given situation. However, all listed best towel grip for the badminton are the preferred grips by professional players.

Be smart and choose the best badminton towel grip with this ultimate guide!

Top 8 Best Badminton Towel Grips Reviews In 2022

1. Yonex Ac 402EX Towel Grip

When it comes to choosing badminton equipment and accessories, Yonex is India’s most popular and trusted the brand to go with. Yonex AC 402 EX is a towel grip suitable for any standard and long badminton racket. This wonderful towel grip absorbs moisture from the player’s hand thereby reducing the chances of racket slipping from the palm. This is suitable for players who sweat more in plam during the games and prefer dry grip. The grip is 32 mm wide and 660 mm long. This grip comes in trendy colors.

This is the best Yonex towel grip, which will surely convey comfort to your hand-palm!

Key Features:

Comfortable Towel Grip with Improved Absorbency
Soft, Great quality
Smooth and non-slip control


2. Zaptex 393” /Roll Cotton Towel Grip

This is another towel grip from a well-known brand Zaptex. It’s the only grip that gets tacky when hand sweats. This is one of the most popular racket grips among the peoples who sweats a lot during the gameplay. This sponge grip is ideal for providing maximum comfort thanks to its very smooth texture along with excellent perspiration absorption. However, the drawback is the grip doesn’t last for a long time. However, if you use it wisely, this racket grip will go with you for more than 1 year. It is good for those who sweat a lot like but it was initially superb.

Key Features:

Easy to use, easy to transport
very easy to pitching

3. Kimony KGT227 Racket Over Grip ReplacementKimony KGT227 Racket Over Grip

Kimony KGT227 Badminton Towel grip is made of the premium quality cotton towel, and promise to give true grip for your fingers. As you have seen a drawback on long lasting in many of racket grips from the above, this racket grip will go for a long time with you. This racket is a phenomenal choice for you. We will make a unique design of racket using this grips. Durable and great start wrapping from the end, wrap around by slightly overlapping, badminton overgrip.

Key Features:

Squishy and comfortable
Best in quality.
Colors make the racket unique in design.

4. PANDA SUPERSTORE Badminton Crank Handle

When it comes to choosing badminton equipment and accessories, Panda is India’s most popular and trusted the brand to go with. This towel racket grip comes from Panda family made of Synthetic material and absorbed the sweats well. As this is a towel grip, it feels really smooth and good for all type of players beginner, intermediate, and advanced players also can try out.

Key Features:

Self Adhesive grip, no closing tape is needed.
Smooth, Sweat absorption and anti-slip.
Elastic material provide a steady

5. Water & Wood Blue Self-adhesive Tennis Badminton Racquet Towel Grip

Waterwood is one trusted company that has been creating the most cutting edge technologies and producing some of the longest lasting sports goods. and every sports goods that they create goes through rigorous testing so as to make sure that the wearer gets the best out of his session. Comfortable Towel Grip with Improved Absorbency Most used towel grip by professionals worldwide. Excellent Absorbency & Comfort Durable grips For Badminton Replacement Grips, Your grip tape is as important as any other part of your racquet. Choosing the right grip and replacing it regularly afford you better comfort A more solid handle on your racquet, giving you the edge on the court.

Key Features:

Good Absorbency & Comfort
Affordable, Soft, and Tacky

6. FANGCAN Towel Replacement Grip

For all players, quinergys is highly recommendable. It offers a comfortable and soft feeling. The sweat captivation of this badminton grip is enhanced and makes a balance between sticky and absorption. This overgrip is made up of 100% cotton material. The wrap of the grip is not different.
The wrap has the sheer tackiness to make sure the grip doesn’t get loose when you are playing. The grip is firm, and the overwrap is so perfect. This grip is durable and gives you service for a long time. Also use to fits for a fishing rod, bike/luggage handle, etc.

Key Features:

Ultra-thin design
Soft and comfortable racket over grip
Cotton material design
Remove moisture effectively

7. Inmindboom 1 Reel 10M Cotton Towel Glue Grip

Inmindboom product is durable and provides good control and grip while playing the game. This overgrip absorbs sweat and makes the player feel comfortable to smash the shots. The size of this overgrip is about 30 mm x 10000 mm which is ideal to wrap around the handle of the racket. After this overgrip is wrapped, it reduces the power waste in smashing the shuttle. This, in turn, saves the energy of the player. This overgrip is made up of 100% cotton material with elastic. The handle of the racket becomes slightly thicker providing towel grip after wrapping this overgrip. The pilable structure absorbs vibration and sweat providing players a feeling of security and comfort while swinging. It is also the most used towel grip by professional badminton players throughout the world.

Key Features:

Most thicker towel grip
Feels great while playing.
High in quality, Long-lasting.

8. Li-Ning Gc001- Towel Grip Badminton Racket Grips

Li Ning is one of the established sport firms known worldwide for their superior quality gear and accessories. They have made their marks in the field of badminton by producing the best badminton sports gear. The Li-Ning badminton sports accessories are designed to give you varied choices of colors. The Li-Ning GC-001- Towel Grip is made from a double layer of cotton. It has a length of 90cm and a thickness of 2mm. It is available in assorted colors in a pack of 3.

Key Features:

High quality of towel grip
Double layer of cotton in the grip
High sweat absorbent capacity


We have seen that these are 8 badminton racket grips specially made for sweaty and Absorbency of hands. These rackets offering amazing grips even when you sweat a lot. However, we found rackets like Artengo Towel-Grip-X2, Vils Anti-Skid Sweat Absorb Racket Grip, doesn’t last for a long time, where there are racket grips like Vils Anti-Skid Sweat Absorb Badminton Racket, Yonex 402 EX, QUINERGYS Soft Towel Overgrip, which will stay with you for a long time. Hope this guide helps to find good options of badminton racket grips for your sweaty hands.

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