[TOP 8] Best Badminton String for Smashing Reviews In 2022

8 Best Badminton String For Smashing Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

When you have decided to “keep calm and smash hard” with your badminton racket then there is an obvious question will arise that: Which is the best badminton string for giving powerful smashes and hard-hitting? Which type of string should attacking style player use for smashing? – As attacking, style playing will put badminton string to extra work.

Smash is a technique which requires a defensive shot with a little bit of strength. The gameplay can be easily changed with the impact of smashing badminton and control shots. The badminton string is a main important component of the racket which fetches your game at a very different level and gives amazing play. Higher tension will not give power unless you are hitting with the sweet spot of badminton string racket.

Before buying, you must know what gauge you are going to get in that string and softness of string this feature makes the badminton string tension best for smashing. To become a winner of the badminton, you require of high-quality badminton string that can allow you to get a perfect smash and control on the shuttlecock.

There are many best badminton strings for smashing available in the market so it is quite difficult for you to choose the best one so, take a glance at this best post! because here are the 8 top best badminton racket string for smashing purpose as per your requirement such as comfort zone, quality, material, amazing design, and also many more.

The above-mentioned characteristics are more important to choose the powerful smashing badminton. Those badminton strings will make you easy and comfortable to play powerful smashes and better movement.

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Start reading our reviews, and find out your favorite which will boost your confidence level to smash hard!!

Top 8 Best Badminton String for Smashing Reviews In 2022

Please find below the top 8 best badminton rackets for Smash and Control:

1. Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String

The Yonex BG-Aerosonic badminton string is manufactured by using the Yonex. It is the thinnest string with a diameter of the 0.61 mm gauge.

For the players who are searching for such string from which get high repulsion and a hard-hitting sound then Aerosonic will be the right choice for them among the best string for badminton racket for smash.

The only good thing about this string is that the shots you place are very exact and you can really direct the shuttle to where you want it to go. The Yonex badminton racket string is the best badminton string for controlling smashes as well as quick drops or hit for playing perfect gameplay.

It has the high-intensity multi-filament nylon core offer greater durability than normal nylon while a high-polymer nylon outer gives sharp feeling and high repulsion with an all-round performance from an extra-fine string. The string is highly packed resin or wax between core and outer string that removes gaps between core and string, which shows in an ultra-fine gauge and incredible strength.

Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String

Key Features:

Compact field structure
High-intensity nylon core
Ultra-fine gauge and very strong string


2. Yonex BG-65 Badminton String

Yonex BG-65 String is an excellent string which has super-fine diameter for high durability and a soft feel on giving a good powerful smash.

It is a specially braided fiber that makes sure a durable soft feeling for having lesser stress on the wrist when smashing badminton powerful shots. The length of the string is 10 m and the gauge is 0.70 mm. It is convenient for perfection play.

This is a best smashing badminton string for female players who can achieve technical and control strings during mixed doubles matches.

Yonex BG-65 Badminton String

Key Features:

Perfect for technical and controlling hard shots
Long-lasting and worthwhile
Suitable for accuracy in playing game
Provides exact shots

3. Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String

Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String is the best badminton Japanese string which is another amazing product from Yonex family that gives you a wider gauge as compared to other brands.

It provides a gauge of 0.70mm / 22 gauges and the length of this string are in 10 meters. If the longer length than other brands then you can able to do perfect smashes and produces a good hitting sound.

Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String is made of best quality material and comes in the black color. There is a compound titanium hybrid coating offers a sharp but comfortable feel at impact but enhanced durability. The repulsion and control are great with this string which highly recommended a product. This string works great for improving control, especially available for hard-hitting players.

Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String

Key Features:

Made of best quality material
Gives excellent repulsion
Great durability because of its Titanium coating
Generates a good hitting sound

4. Yonex BG 66 Ultimax Badminton String

The Yonex BG66 Ultimax is another great best badminton string for smasher which is an enhanced version of the BG66. It has a 0.65 mm thin gauge and the complete balance of maximum speed, control, and durability, making it the best choice for the world’s top players.

The string of this badminton is an ultra-thin string delivers efficient power, high repulsion and produces clear hitting sounds.

It is available in 8 types of colors:
• Light green
• Metallic white
• Neon pink
• Orange
• Pearl navy
• Red
• Yellow
• Black

Apart from the durability, this BG 66 Ultimax string is super useful for slicing which is commonly used to carry out drop shots/ slice and backward slice, deceptive shots and much more powerful smash. With this BG 66 Ultimax string, you are able to concentrate more on your playing style and give one of the best smashes as it is good to string for intermediate players.

The BG66 Ultimax is among the most expensive badminton strings from Yonex but it is definitely worthwhile as the cost due to its offers wonderful high performance.

So it’s a good choice for hard smashing players. It is made up of nylon material is great for long-time durability, so its surely a good option for those are looking for long-lasting string attached to their best badminton for smashing and durability.

Yonex BG 66 Ultimax Badminton String

Key Features:

Gives great sound and power for smashing
Available in multi-color
Ultra-thin string
Worthwhile due to its high performance

5. Yonex Badminton String Nanogy 99

Yonex Badminton String Nanogy99 is from Nanogy series that played an amazing part in badminton strings for smashing. Yonex Badminton String Nanogy99 is a medium feeling string that also comes with high-repulsion and control in it.

The Nanogy99 is a multi-filament string that provides with all qualities allowing you perfect for giving powerful smashing. It generates great hitting sounds that are clear and have a high frequency. Yonex Badminton String Nanogy99 gives you more perfect in attractive looks and is perfect for badminton sport from which you can make your own style during a tournament.

You can also put as much string tension as you need to on Yonex Badminton String Nanogy99. The color you are getting in Yonex Badminton String Nanogy99 is white and all other qualities in it. It is convenient for all levels of play because it gives a medium feeling but actually a perfect one for the beginner level.

Yonex Badminton String Nanogy 99

Key Features:

Get with medium feel string
Perfect for a beginner player
Multi-filament string
Comes with high repulsion, durability, and control

6. YONEX BG-65 Turquoise Badminton String

Yonex BG-65 Turquoise Badminton String is well designed from Yonex which gives you a soft feeling badminton string for smashing. It comes with great durability so you can use it for a long time that’s why it is among the best badminton string for smash and control.

With this string, you can easily smash the shuttlecock along in its perfect direction. The inner part of this badminton string is made from high-quality polymer nylon multi-filament material and the outer part is made with special braided high polymer nylon fiber. The string is 10 m long and it has 22 / 0.70 mm gauge.

If you want to purchase the best type of badminton string for smashing then you should definitely think about this product!!

YONEX BG-65 Turquoise Badminton String

Key Features:

Soft Feeling but durable too
High Polymer Nylon Multi-filament Core is used
Outer part made of special high polymer nylon fiber
Well-designed and well-made

7. LI-NING String NO.1 Badminton Racket String

LI-NING String NO.1 Badminton String is an amazing best lining badminton string for smashing approved from LI-NING brand. This badminton string comes with 10 m length and it offers you most high resistance power. It is equipped with great durability so that you can play the badminton game a long time.

It consists of a better elasticity property and made up of high strength nylon multi-filament material. LI-NING Badminton String is useful for beginners and professional players so it will be also the best badminton string for smasher. It is designed wonderfully which gives a beautiful look of badminton racket and available in various colors such as Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, White, etc.

It is highly durable best lining badminton string for smashing and also cost-effective that produces a good hitting sound.

LI-NING Badminton Racket String

Key Features:

Super Durable for a long time
High Repulsion power
Useful for beginners and professional players
Consist of the better elasticity property

8. Yonex Aerobite Badminton String

Yonex Aerobite badminton string is Yonex first-ever hybrid combination with different gauges and coatings on the mains and crosses string which is suitable for both smashes and delicate plays. Like as on the mains string, the gauge is 0.67 mm in diameter which is red in color, and at the cross string, the gauge is 0.61 mm in diameter with white color.

The inner part of this string is made with high- intensity multi-filament nylon and the exterior part is made from polyurethane material. This string is best badminton string tension for smashing which is very perfect to control the delicate plays.

It produces medium feeling and comes in a combination of beautiful colors such as white/red, white/blue, and white/green. The new AEROBITE provides quick repulsion and applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes or a solid touch for hairpins that drop straight down in the court.

This is a good choice for the best badminton string for smashing buyers!!

Yonex Aerobite Badminton String

Key Features:

Comes in beautiful colors
Produces medium feeling
Made with hybrid material which is durable
Provides you sporadic gauges on the mains and crosses
Best for a powerful smash


When choosing the best badminton string for smashing, you should focus on the string tension and the materials used in making it which helps in providing sufficient repulsion power.

With the above best badminton string for smashing, you can smash the shuttlecock easily, this article will definitely beneficial to you, so read it very carefully and make the right choice should follow your personal needs. Additionally, the thickness and sweet spot of a string are also important as well.

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