[TOP 8] Best Badminton Shorts Reviews In 2022

8 Best Badminton Shorts Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

The most important thing regarding badminton clothing is comfort and free movement. In general, there are no strict protocols about what you can or cannot wear, but you are more likely to play well when wearing something comfortable and not overly restrictive. The majority of players like to wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a skirt too. So, it is a good idea to wear shorts during playing badminton in court.

Shorts are important because they will require being fitted but loose enough that they do not slow down the quick movements that are needed for the game. The mid-level thigh is about the perfect cut for them and they need to be fitted but even loose at the same time. This means when you are moving quickly around the court you can stop at on some movements and again go the other direction without being worried about your shorts either sift your skin because they are well made or fitted but they are loose enough too while playing and so you can able to move freely on the court.

The Appropriate Shorts for Badminton should be are as follows:

  • Proper Length

The length of the shorts should be knee level at most. This is important because playing badminton needs you to stretch sometime. If the length is beyond your knee level, you will find it hard to stretch to the front area of the court to return the shuttle back.

  • Fitting, but not too Tight

If your shorts are too tight, your movement will be restricted so you will not able to play freely on the court. Good badminton footwork will require you to move quickly and flexibly on the entire court.
You will not be able to do that if your shorts are too tight.

  • Comfortable to Wear

You should feel comfortable in your shorts then you will enjoy your badminton game.

  • Not so ‘Sweat-Absorbent’

Your shorts might not have the ability to absorb too much sweat. This will make your shorts very heavy if too much sweat is absorbed and because of it you will feel uncomfortable. As your shorts get heavy even it absorbs sweat, it affects your speed or on your game too.

So, we have researched and brought for you the top 8 best badminton shorts; enjoy the game!

Top 8 Best Badminton Shorts Reviews In 2022

1. Yonex Men Sports Shorts Badminton

The Yonex Men Sports shorts are the number one choice for many players those who are playing badminton. The Yonex tournament shorts also shows small Yonex logo at the bottom of the left leg. They are manufactured from 100% polyester material and also feature the very cool mesh to provide 1.5-2.0 better ventilation properties than cotton that is the faster you move around the court, and then you will feel cooler. It is made in lightweight and breathable fabric which allows air to flow through the garment so sweat or wetness will not distract from the enjoyment of play. It is equipped with Triple layer dry technology that keeps you cool and dries all the time during your play. It is good quality cloth material and also stretchable badminton shorts which is perfect suits to a professional badminton player.
Yonex Men Sports Shorts Badminton

Key Features:

Designed from 100% polyester material
Made in Lightweight and breathable fabric
Equipped with Triple layer dry technology
Stretchable shorts


2. LI-NING Men’s Competition Badminton Shorts

Li-Ning Men’s Competition Badminton is made up of 91.1 % polyester and 8.9% Spandex, breathable material, and mesh vents can give you extra ventilation that keeps you a cool and dry whole day. It is classic design regular sports version, self-cultivation, and woven stretch shorts; the stretch is not tight but it is comfortable fit and making the movement easier. This short conveys the benefit of stretching, lunging, twisting and jumping in comfort manner because all the styles are based on International Level player movements and scientific analysis of how the human body moves during accurate play. Additional, it comes with pocket used in both side can keep little things, which would be very useful.

Key Features:

Made up of 91.1% polyester and 8.9% spandex
Very much comfortable
Valuable product
Classic design

3. LI-NING Men Professional Badminton Shorts

It is another brand from Li-Ning family which is made up of polyester, breathable material which makes the fabric of badminton shorts fast-drying to keep a comfortable environment while doing sports. This sport short is suitable for multifunction property for doing exercise, such as badminton, basketball, soccer, walking, running, cycling, hiking, etc. It is fantastic and neat stitch makes the sports shorts durable and reliable, makes you have a good wearing experience. It comes with pockets on both sides of shorts to free your hands that could put your hand in it and provide suitable storage.

LI-NING Men Professional Badminton Shorts

Key Features:

Multifunction use
Made of polyester
Guaranteed product
Comes with pocket

4. LI-NING Men Badminton Competition Shorts National Team

It is designed with polyester and Spandex, the mesh structure on the waist and the back is light and breathable. It is manufactured with AT Dry Technology that allows fabrics to wick and spread perspiration and make cool and dry while playing. It has anti-static series that helps to reduce the generation of static electricity and make it more comfortable to wear. This Li-Ning technology comes in the fabric material could effectively reduce odor, and keep garments lasting and clean.

LI-NING Men Badminton Competition Shorts National Team

Key Features:

Made up of polyester and spandex material
Constructed with AT Dry technology
100% satisfaction guaranteed product
Very comfortable to wear

5. LI-NING ATDRY Men Competition Badminton Shorts

This short is well fashioned from 91.1% polyester and 8.9% spandex breathable material. Being lightweight & flexible, it is perfect for your daily workout too. The shorts are made with the flocking area which is made to wipe the sweat off on the right back side. It comes with elegant Li-Ning LOGO which reflects the quality of the shorts. It is built with AT-DRY technology that can help to volatile the sweat quickly when doing sports thus keeping cool and dry when in the court. It comes with Jacquard design in the waist part, the shorts is more fashion and well-designed.

LI-NING ATDRY Men Competition Badminton shorts

Key Features:

Excellent comfort wear
Well-designed and more fashion short
Keep cool and dry
Ideal for daily workout made with flocking area

6. LI-NING National Team Men Badminton Shorts

Increase your comfort by wearing this Li-Ning national team Men Badminton shorts that have must when a national event arrives. The design is made up of 93% polyester and 7% spandex that is high-quality material keeps you cool and dry while playing and equipped with AT Dry technology. These sports shorts are convenient for multipurpose use such as basketball, soccer, walking, running, cycling, hiking, etc. There is hollow design in the backside, it is more breathable and also flock material in right back side, and it is made to wipe sweat. In this short, there is an elegant LOGO to show the high quality of the shorts.

LI-NING National Team Men Badminton Shorts

Key Features:

Build up with high-quality material
Suitable for multipurpose use
Great breathability

7. Adidas Performance Women Climacool Badminton Sports Shorts

These sports shorts are producing by using Adidas brand which is equipped with Climacool technology. It is equipped with one side pocket with zipper closure to keep your essentials safe while you are on the go. It is made of 100% polyester and comes with regular fitting. It is lightweight, quick-Dry fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable all the time.

Adidas Performance Women Climacool Badminton Sports Shorts

Key Features:

Design with Climacool technology
Comes with side pockets and regular fitting
Made of 100% Polyester material
Light in weight

8. LI-NING Women Badminton Competition Shorts

It is great shorts for women which are manufactured from brand Li-Ning. It is made up of 87% polyester and 13% spandex that are high-quality material which will keep you cool and dry all the time. It is well designed by AT DRY BASE’s technology that absorbs sweat which helps in the rapid release of sweat and keeps you comfortable while playing in the court.
There is also Li-Ning anti-static technology that helps to reduce the generation of static electricity and make it more comfortable to wear. This short has a backside flocking function area which is suitable for wiping sweat while playing badminton. The gradient color design, fashionable and eye-catching, full of vitality and dynamic, make the sport more stylish and attractive.

LI-NING Women Badminton Competition Shorts

Key Features:

Flocking function area
Equipped with AT DRY BASE and AT_STATIC technology
Comfortable to wear
Breathable and professional use


If you are searching for the best badminton shorts while playing sport, you may be feeling a little complicated and worried about the choice that is available. It is true that there are hundreds of varieties out there to select from, by using our reviews and are useful buying guide, you will be able to find the best badminton shorts for your needs.

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